Heidi Montag Hotter Than Lauren Conrad?! No, No, No.

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Maxim has officially jumped the shark.

Just the same, the men's magazine's editors have spoken: Heidi Montag is hotter than Lauren Conrad - they're ranked No. 36 and 56, respectively.

That's according to Maxim's annual "Hot List" poll, which obviously does not deduct points for boob jobs, nose jobs, lip injections or general suckitude.

"Let's hear it for villainy!" Maxim wrote of Heidi Montag in the feature, although they did credit Lauren Conrad for making "the life of a rich young woman seem normal," and for "paving the way for Heidi."

To say the least. What a duck-lipped leech.

Birthday girl Audrina Patridge also represented The Hills at No. 74. We are sad to report that Whitney Port and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth were not ranked.

The Hollywood Gossip takes issue with Maxim's crappy rankings. We wonder if you agree. Who do you think is hotter, Lauren Conrad or Heidi Montag?

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LC of course, Montag is a moose. And that arsehole Pratt!!!! Need we say more?


Lauren is way hotter heidi looks overdone.




Lauren is waaaay hotter!


What was Maxim thinking? Lauren is a naturally beautiful girl and Heidi although pretty...is completely 100% fake. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder however I would say that Lauren is definately hotter just based on her natural beauty.


this is a joke! for someone to rank higher for being a pretty pathetic plastic joke over someone who IS a beautiful natural young lady is beyond me! what is the world coming to if they find fakeness more appealing than real natural beauty!


Heidi is so useless... The only thing she has going for her is the drama with her and her idiot boyfriend Spencer. This is what happened after Laguna Beach. Kristin Cavalleri got all the notoriety for being a bitch while Lauren, who is a pretty down to earth girl, was ignored. She has brains, beauty and she isn't an awful pain... She should've made it mucg higher on the list!


LAUERN is HOTTER than hedi...COme everyone lets face it...Hedi still thinks like a teenager she doesnt forget anything hey thats life she choosed her dumb boyfriend over a friend nO! LAUREN IS 100% prettier!


i cant even believe this is a question.... even with the fake boobs, lip injections, etc. Heidi has NOTHING on LC! Seriously what was Maxim thinking????


Lauren is all real and natural so lauren is hotter. Heidi is a joke.