Heidi Montag Hotter Than Lauren Conrad?! No, No, No.

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Maxim has officially jumped the shark.

Just the same, the men's magazine's editors have spoken: Heidi Montag is hotter than Lauren Conrad - they're ranked No. 36 and 56, respectively.

That's according to Maxim's annual "Hot List" poll, which obviously does not deduct points for boob jobs, nose jobs, lip injections or general suckitude.

"Let's hear it for villainy!" Maxim wrote of Heidi Montag in the feature, although they did credit Lauren Conrad for making "the life of a rich young woman seem normal," and for "paving the way for Heidi."

To say the least. What a duck-lipped leech.

Birthday girl Audrina Patridge also represented The Hills at No. 74. We are sad to report that Whitney Port and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth were not ranked.

The Hollywood Gossip takes issue with Maxim's crappy rankings. We wonder if you agree. Who do you think is hotter, Lauren Conrad or Heidi Montag?


Maxim magazine is a joke! They couldn't tell true beauty from a horse. There is no comparison what so ever...Maxim made the mistake of putting Heidi...whom after all her surgery...still manages to look like a horse...ahead of both Lauren and Audrina!!!! If Maxim really wanted to sell magazines...then they should've ranked Lauren ahead of Heidi. Hahaha...I bet no one wanted to buy that magazine. Oh well...I season 4 Lauren will finally write both Heidi and Spencer off the show and good riddens to both!


Lauren Conrad is definitely the winner...for all the right reasons too. To compare these two is unfair especially because they are so different. My opinion is to go with Lauren.


lauren has more class. Heidi goes along with all the other fakes in the world. What do you think?!


Lauren has more natural beauty=] But both of you guys are gorgeous!!! Truely.


Lauren is so much prettier.
Heidi gets on my nerves!


eww Heidi is nasty Lauren is way better


C'MON!!!!!!! Heido looks like a blow up barbie doll!!! Shes fake allll over!! She walkes like a duck, she speaks like an idiot, and she acts like a little girl!!!!! Someone with a personality like hers should no way in anyway shape or form be considered beautiful!!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF Lauren is so classy and soo put together!! Shes naturally beautiful and anyone that tried to degrade her is purely JEALOUS of her and her life!!! Lauren you rock girl!


Lauren all the way! just cause you have fake boobs, a nose job, fake lips, and fake everything else doesn't mean you're Hot!!! Lauren is a Natural HOTTIE!!!


lauren conrad.


Heidi is fake. Fake hair, fake boobs, and a fake personality. Too blonde, to pink, and too over the top. LC has a groovey bohemian meets city chic style. I'm down with LC. Nice Summer 2008 line. Prices are hot!!

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