Fashion Face-Off: Paris Hilton vs. Nicky Hilton

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Based on the photo below, it looks like Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton share more than a set of parents. They share a wardrobe, too.

Who looks better in this outfit?

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

They look equally like shapeless sticks in the outfits.
If they don't want people commenting about their lives then they shouldn't have chosen public careers.


The Hiltons seem to be a very loving family and calling Paris names is very uncool.
She does not owe anyone an explanation about her private life. Some posters should probably set their own lives in order before pointing the finger at Paris or anyone else. When posters get too excited about other's imagined faults, they usually have lots of dirt in their own lives. Oh, and both Paris an Nicky look very nice in their respective blouses.


Paris may dress better than Nicky but Paris is a plastic soul-less skank. I have no idea how Nicky puts up with her. She's dragged their family name so far in the mud I'm surprised any of them still talk to her.


Paris looks better because her shirts pink!


i vote for paris hilton because i like pink amd it looks god so dose nicky hilton

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