Fashion Face-Off: Lauren Conrad vs. Kim Kardashian

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Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian are linked in more ways than one.

Both star on reality shows, though The Hills is bigger than most, while Kim's just stars a bunch of morons whose names begin with K.

Ocean Drive Cover

Both have been linked to sex tapes, though Lauren's may or may not exist, while Kim's ... yeah, Ray J definitely hit that piece.

Anyway, tell us who wins this celebrity fashion showdown - LC, who paired Diane von Furstenberg top with shiny leggings for an evening out in L.A., or Kim Kardashian, who went with classic dark denim for an outing Down Under...

Who wore it better, Lauren Conrad or Kim Kardashian?


Lauren wore it best of course she has way more class then Kim


kim duh


As for that comment saying Lauren is smarter: Going to fashion school doesn't mean she's smarter than Kim, which may I add is very business savvy. Granted Lauren has her clothing line, Kim has more experience in business. Overall they're both independent and you can't say that one is smarter than the other. Unless Lauren decides to go into the UC system or an Ivy, please let's not bring in the issue of intelligence Tina!


KIM KARDASHIAN makes this outfit look expensive and glamorous! Kim looks like she's so relaxed (look at off the shoulder look; great way of changing it up) and sexy. Seriously I would wear this look to the beach with my boyfriend. While I love Lauren she can't pull this off. It looks like a peasant blouse on her; I'm reminded of a potato sack. So def Kim.






lauren conrad.




i think that kim wore it better. abby you need to shut up kim kardashian is so much better then lc and shes smart and just face it that kim is better. your just jelous


They both look good in it for the way that they r wearing it. I love them both!

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