Face-Off: Will Shayne Lamas Win The Bachelor?

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The season finale of The Bachelor is tonight, and Shayne Lamas looks poised to land the prize. That being Matt Grant. But will Chelsea stand in her way? That's the subject of today's Face-Off. Brace yourself as The Hollywood Gossip debates ...


YES by Free Britney

Face it, no one goes on The Bachelor for love.

It would a nice side effect, to be sure, if one found the love of one's life. But the women and the bachelors themselves go on the show because primarily, they are enamored with fame, at least to a certain extent.

If Matt Grant merely wanted to find love, he'd join a local London-based service, or go online to millionaireloves.com or one of the many other crappy dating sites that spams The Hollywood Gossip constantly.

NOTE: Get a new career, millionaireloves.com spammers.

No, he wanted to date hot women on TV, and Shayne Lamas fits the Bachelor bill better than anyone in the show's history - entertaining, reasonably hot, ethically questionable and shamelessly trying to be famous.

Shayne Lamas' listed profession is "actress." Now that the 22-year-old has her first taste of fame, she'll stop at nothing to remain in the spotlight.

She'll laugh at the right jokes, appear adventurous and fun, cry if things don't go well, go down on Matt in a movie theater, probably even murder her competition if she has to. Long story short, Chelsea has no shot.

NO by mischalova

In selecting his bride-to-be, Matt Grant would be well-served to heed a lesson learned by fellow Brit, Paul McCartney:

Don't marry a nut job.

Sir Paul is suffering through a never-ending divorce case with Heather Mills as a result of his disastrous decision; I fear Grant will equally regret tying the knot with Shayne Lamas, a woman that may possess one more real leg than Mills, but the same number of crazy brain cells.

Conversely, there's Chelsea. Sweet, beautiful Chelsea.

As I watched The Bachelor this season, I was taken by how different Chelsea seemed than the usual desperate, slutty, insecure women that appear on this show. She held back, she let Matt come to her, she actually made Grant work for her affection. Her connection with Matt is as sincere as a relationship can be... on a reality TV show.

Shayne's brother, meanwhile, once dated Lindsay Lohan. You don't wanna be anywhere near that family tree, Matt Grant.

Chelsea: The Bachelor

Chelsea looks to thwart Shayne Lamas on The Bachelor ... but can she?




Well it's over and I think Matt was very wrong his family didn't even care for Chelesa they judge her ans they didn't do that to Shayne I know why Matt pick Shayne is her and is paid him and her father is good friend to producer and the others didn't know she was until the snow espiode for when picked upnoelle he walked in and kiss shayne no one else and i didn't think that was right. so to say all Mat you are a fool and now i know your show was fixed because hasn't had any soap acts and others so why not hurt the girls by throwing in your tried acting skills for you could have found a boyfriend CA i won't believe that you couldn't. but good luck Matt and
Shayne i hope it works and shayne don't get bord with you and need to some thing else


I definately agree with Heather. Coming from a broken home doesnt mean anything and there is definately no formula for love. I dont think Chelsea should have stayed around as long as she did!


Did anyone notice that Chelsea never looked directly at Matt when she spoke to him? She always looked in another direction. Shayne was frequently the voice of reason in the house when issues between the girls arose. Not every child of divorced parents ends up divorced themsleves. Most importantly, they seemed genuinely happy.
Give them a break...there is no magic formula for happiness!


Good for Shayne! So happy for her! Chelsea had some nerve saying shayne is fake! She should talk! Chelsea has such a problem "holding hands" but had no problem taking off her panties on national TV! Get a hold of yourself!!


Matt 100% picked the right girl. Chelsea is sooooo awkward and their relationship was forced. He's always felt very comfortable with Shayne and they are always laughing and having a great time- that's what a lasting relationship is all about. I loved the gift Shayne gave Matt. She's right, that will probably be the best gift she ever give him. A photo of her saying I love you...made even hotter by being in a bikini. Sorry, but that beats out a stupid map and other crap Chelsea gave him!


I will NEver watch this waste of time again. Wish I could have all that time of my life back!!


Justa awful program


STEPHANIE.....email me your picture to GW500@aol.com


Matt should have done his homework and googled the Lamas family. Shayne's dad married 5 times, and her mother looks like she has gone way overboard with her plastic surgeon. The family is totally dysfunctional! Chelsea is fortunate that Matt decided with his "other" brain....the small one below the belt! Good luck guys....at least they should have a few good nights together before it blows. Pun intended!

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The Bachelor Quotes

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas

It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]