Face-Off: Team Charlie or Team Denise?

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Gold-digging, man-eating skank media whore or misunderstood mom just trying to get by? Since her ugly split with Charlie Sheen, it's been complicated for Denise Richards - but whose side are you on? That's the subject of today's Face-Off ...


Charlie Sheen on The Today Show


Charlie Sheen may come across as a lovable, humorous fellow because he stars in a hit sitcom and has appeared in hilarious movies such as Hot Shots!

But there's nothing funny about the way he treated Denise Richards during their time as a couple. He allegedly viewed child porn, slept with prostitutes and hated on dogs.

Yet, somehow, Richards is the one receiving flak simply for starring in a reality show. Excuse me? Can you blame the woman for wanting to set the record straight?

This is a single, working mother that recently sent her ex-husband a text message, inquiring about his attendance at an event at daughter Sam's school. His response?

"I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer... Rot in hell you [bleeping] whore."

Richards, meanwhile, has been accused of exploiting her kids by giving them air time on her upcoming reality show, It's Complicated. But history shows that reality TV actually helps the careers of children. Just ask Brooke Hogan or Kim Kardashian.

Just as she did by participating in a filmed threesome for the movie Wild Things, Richards is doing everything she can to ensure the best possible future for her daughters. Sheen? He's trying to replace their mother with Brooke Mueller.

That's why we take exception to the title of Richards' reality show. Nothing about this is complicated. Team Denise all the way.


Denise Richards career began, peaked and ended with the terrible 1998 film Wild Things. Don't get us wrong - we used to watch her girl-on-girl action scenes with Neve Campbell on DVD over and over and over again. In fact, we might cue up the threesome scene right after we finish writing this face-off.

But that was it for her.

It's been a slow, steady demise for Denise ever since, and by exploiting her divorce and children with Charlie Sheen this spring, she's hit rock bottom. Her new reality show is a revolting, desperate ploy for attention.

Sheen is no saint. His problems are well documented. But he's remained a good father to his girls, gotten engaged to a beautiful, strong and independent woman in Brooke Mueller, and is focused on his career.

That's right, he has one of those. With the witty, original and successful (three words never used in the same sentence as Denise Richards) Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen works for a living. He doesn't have to resort to deplorable acts like pimping out his own children just to stay in the public eye.

It's Complicated
? More like It's Pathetic, Denise. Team Charlie all the way!

A wet, nude Denise Richards makes out with an unfortunately clothed Neve Campbell in Richards' only memorable "acting" role.

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I think you people are sad, and calling Denisea whore is just low, your all just jealous because she is a beautiful woman and she is also a mother and you can truly see the love she has for her Children and all she is trying to do is move on and support her Children. If I were married to Charlie Sheen I would want as much as I could after all she had to live and sleep with that man if thats what you can call him....he is a sleeze bag and I just feel sorry for his new wife because they will never last. Charlie Sheen is a sorry state for a man, he's disgusting, fat and not even one bit attractive. You go Denise and ignore all those sad tossers out there, you just do what you think is right and time is great healer and there is no doubt in my mind that you will find happiness again.


Team Charlie all the way!!!!


Denise who ??? or is it who cares. Skank is a compliment .


Team Charlie