Dina Lohan Offers Motherly Advice, Keeps Straight Face

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Dina Lohan - the woman responsible for raising Lindsay Lohan into the sex-crazed drug addict that she is - was presented with an award for being one of the Top 20 Moms in Long Island by the "Mingling Moms" of Long Island, a group that must lack an Internet connection and/or any ability to read about the celebrity gossip world.

Accepting the honor, Dina actually gave advice to Tish, the mother of Miley Cyrus.

"I don't know Miley's mom, but stay strong. Stay strong, keep your head up," Dina said, referring to Miley's controversial Vanity Fair photograph.

Dina also said Miley Cyrus is talented and added that Tish should always remember to be her mom before all else.

She then left to pose for more photos and sign autographs.

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Motherly advice?? Well I dont know, but I think that the show is really funny anyway!! They seem like a regular family...


ugh the bitch lives through her daughter big time. Srz who the hell is she to give advice to Mileys mum?? she's a million times better than her. *shakes head* how frigging hysterical the mother of nude posing, sex drug crazed lesbianated daughter giving advice. lmaoo well Lindsay probably learnt it from her nyway.


That looks like a mugshot though! Prolyl she paid for it..:) Good Mom. Sex addict.