David Cook to Kimberly Caldwell: Will You Date Me?

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David Cook is riding high.

Not only has the rocker captured this season's American Idol title, but he's secured himself a cute date: former contestant Kimberly Caldwell.


He actually asked her out on live TV before the show's final broadcast last week. Take a look:


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¡KIMBERLY CALDWELL SUCKS! She's ugly, loud, opportunist and sings awful I can't stand her. Dear Kim: you think that you're a star, but you are nobody...¡Wake up bitch!.


wow, when i was watching that i screamed! soo loud and yell MOM DAVID JUST ASKED OUT KIM!! ahhhh at first i was mad then i was like ah he 25 and im only 13! lol bhaah well i think they are an amazing cute cuple!


Wel, apparently they are in love. She plans on being at some of the idol tour stops. He also said on the View when asked that he has someone, but wouldn't mention her name. Ted Casablanca on E said they were seen celebrating brother Andrew Cook's birthday and that Kim and David kissed all night long. So looks like this is turning serious. We'll see. I just want him to be happy.


Son tal para cual: el tipo es un nopal, un naco absoluto que se cree que el mundo no se lo merece y la chava es una corriente, la típica gringa barata, que no es nadie pero se cree estrella. Me pudren las estrellitas en ascenso, las detesto.


i'm mad 4 him and i'm saying that i'd rather see him with mandy moore, or brooke (if she hadn't married) than kim. if she hadn't been so rude and graceless, i would have ecxepted her.


God she's a hag. He needs a real woman, someone who isn't famous, someone who isn't trying to milk him for an extra 15 minutes, someone who isn't as trashy and obnoxious as she is.
David you could do better!


Ok so she is totally icky. it was cute HOW he did it but he shouldn't have done that. it should have been a non-famous girl who likes him for who he is. I don't like her and i'll admit it. I can't stand the girl. He should stay focused on his album b/c it is critical on how the rest of his career will go.


eew! caldwell.. "A LOW PROFILE GIRL!" stop flirting nat cook! you suck!!!!!!!!


eww she is so annoying and her voice is raspy and she is disgusting and her dating david cook is nausiating he can date whoever he wants but i dnt no he would snoop so low... xoxo lovely


That's so sweet!