David Cook Meets a Celebrity Gossip Photographer

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We hate to break it to you, David Cook - but you better get used to this.

Especially if you win American Idol next week, life as you know it will cease to exist. This is mostly a good thing.

But it also means that a trip to Sbarro with friends will become major celebrity gossip news. That's the way of our world. Welcome to it.

David Cook looks less than pleased to be photographed as he grabs a slice of pizza.


To All Cookies, Please vote for David Cook. DA's fans can vote non stop for their idol, we cookies can do it too.....for our David Cook! He wants to win this and only we can make it happen. Vote! Vote! Vote non stop for David Cook! Let David Cook be the American Idol & lives his dream. See what Cookey says on AI website:-
What do you think gives you the edge in this competiion?
DC: I don't know if I have one, but I know that nobody can say they've worked harder for this or have wanted it more than me.


If memory serves, the gentleman on the left is the AI stylist. They were probably out buying clothes for David's performances next week.


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What a Cook!
David Cook was crowned the winner of American Idol, season seven. He was favorite throughout the competition, as the rocker was... More »
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I started this season — much to Simon’s chagrin — as the word nerd and I’m absolutely at a loss for words. Thank you guys. This is amazing. Thank you.

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David Cook: You know, everybody's got an opinion, and tonight was Archuleta's night. I have to concede it: The kid came out all three songs and nailed it. But I walk away from this with my head held high.