Dannielynn: All Grown Up, Still Pimped Out

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We haven't seen much of little Dannielynn and celebrity gossip-loving father Larry Birkhead in awhile.

But they showed up again this weekend, with Dannielynn having grown into an adorable toddler and Birkhead not having changed a bit:

He's still pimping his tyke, presumably for wads of cash. What a great guy!

Larry Birkhead probably earns one hundred dollars from the paparazzi every time he kisses his daughter. So we've heard.


Looks, like Danielynn is pulling away every time places a wet one on her. She doesn't act like she likes being on display very much. Poor Baby!


thats funny that you didnt mention lisa kudrow, kelsey grammer, or anyone else in attendance who brought children piumped out their kids! So what if he brought his kid there get a life. At least he is spending time with her

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