Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster: Expecting!

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Many people have long speculated that Clay Aiken may be gay.

Why? No idea. Well, he's apparently not - he's gotten someone pregnant... though her name is Jaymes. Our point? We have none. We're just saying.

According to TMZ, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy, having knocked up Jaymes Foster. No, we're serious! Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster are expecting!

Sources say that the baby mama is a record producer, who produced some of his albums and is Clay's best friend. He lives with her when he's in L.A.

Jaymes Foster, seen here with Clay Aiken, is due in August.

She's the sister of record excutive and (Brody Jenner's stepfather) David Foster. Jaymes Foster in her late 40s, though her exact age is not known.

She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Clay Aiken is 29.

UPDATE: Apparently Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated.

Clay is a gonna be more than just sperm to her, however - he will have an active role in raising her child. Aiken's rep has not yet commented. Stay tuned.


ok once and for HE"S GAY! and regardless wether or not yu wan to believe is problem. and to if he went the AI way so what, and just because he's having a child does not mean that he's trying to prove he's straight! Gay people can have children to by any means the old fashion way or not!and for goodness sake the man is not repulsive. They both problably wanted kids and are best friends and decided this was a great idea. So you know what? CONGRADUALTIONS to botht of them and leave them the hell alone!


It's a cover up. He doesn't want anyone to know he is gay, so he has to make this whole story up. It probably isn't his kid, I bet you... she is just doing him a favor and saying, "yeah, he is the father." Oh, how so pathetic. Well, that is hollywood/or whatever you want to call it for you. Stupid!


all men posting on here...they say men speak nasty of gays people because all men are latently, so there!
all women posting on here...many men after been with you one time will prefer to do everything artificially...yuck!


OK so the baby boy is here. Congrats to both mother and father, whatever their sexual preferences are...none of our business cause who are we to judge anyone else?
I have read all the posts and to say the very least, some of you are really crude...especially when it comes to voice your opinion of other people, who you do not know personally. Artificial insemmination occurs every day and it is a great blessing to many who cannot conceive the old fashioned way.


the new Michael Jackson.


good god! this is beyond SICK people! She's David Foster's sister. Ugh! Can you say lame attempt at a coverup. Boy just admit that you are gay already and be done with it. Noone will care, except all the stupid Christians who think you're not. Oh wait, that's 7/8's of your audience. Okay, so you would be broke and homeless if you did. But so what???? The way things are right now, this is too reminiscent of Debbie what's her name and Michael Jackson. So you're becoming like a white Michael Jackson.....oh wait Michael Jackson is white. Okay so there are two of you then.


Talk about a raw deal, At least do it the fun way .I understand doing things for friends but I would guess our dear Clay is being taken for a ride .


that is no ones business....the real question is...what have i done to make the world a better place?


I'm just glad my lawsuit settled out of court! I would hate to have you on the jury like the mediator said I jury really is. You judge facts, not "feelings."


It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again. It does this whenever its told. Do you love me? I love me. PRECIOUS! HE IS GAY!!!!!!!!

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