Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster: Expecting!

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Many people have long speculated that Clay Aiken may be gay.

Why? No idea. Well, he's apparently not - he's gotten someone pregnant... though her name is Jaymes. Our point? We have none. We're just saying.

According to TMZ, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy, having knocked up Jaymes Foster. No, we're serious! Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster are expecting!

Sources say that the baby mama is a record producer, who produced some of his albums and is Clay's best friend. He lives with her when he's in L.A.

Jaymes Foster, seen here with Clay Aiken, is due in August.

She's the sister of record excutive and (Brody Jenner's stepfather) David Foster. Jaymes Foster in her late 40s, though her exact age is not known.

She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Clay Aiken is 29.

UPDATE: Apparently Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated.

Clay is a gonna be more than just sperm to her, however - he will have an active role in raising her child. Aiken's rep has not yet commented. Stay tuned.


He is GAY!!!


Are you serious? Clay Aiken expecting?


If I had been unable to have a child after a long marriage, as Jaymes apparently did, and the only way was artificial insemination, I couldn't think of a nicer man to be my babies Daddy. Clay Aiken is a talented guy, and a darned good and kind one at that, so to all of you who can only criticize..... please just SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!! Love you Clay


Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes Foster. That is WONDERFUL! as noted in the other remarks, at her age they probably tried "the old fashioned way" and due to infertility had to do artificial insemination. Being best friends, working together, and now sharing in a family that's wonderful! Be happy for Clay not criticize. You just don't get it do you -- he's from the south that's the way they talk and he's ultra talented and generous and if he's about as gay as some of you indicating he is. pr


He may or may not be gay, but many women that age are artificially inseminated because it would be more difficult for them to get pregnant "the old fashioned way". I think they are to be congratulated!!


He is gay, what str8 man aritifically inseminates anything but a tissue?


I wish they got married first......but we have to really leave them alone....leave their private lives alone! I am a huge fan of Clay and I enjoy him as artist and respect his charity work. I also have a huge crush on husband knows and I am also a lot older than I'm not leaving my husbaand for Clay, OK? Congratulations to both Jaymes (what a name for a woman) and Clay! Good luck on changing diapers.


Just leave the man alone and be happy for him. Get a life.


You know the ages don't bother me. I do get the vibe he's gay. I wonder if their such good friends* that there was a surrogacy arrangement? Too little info is sometimes a bad thing (of course everyone appreciates privacy) ? Boy would it blow me out of the water if he's not gay!



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