Celebrity Hair Affair: Heidi Montag vs. Lauren Conrad

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Celebrities are loving the curly hair extensions these days, and who better to feature in our latest style showdown than The Hills' beautiful friends-turned-foes, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag!

Both have been rocking the curls pretty hard lately.

Lauren Conrad, left, looked stunning at The Hills finale party May 12. On the right, her feuding rival on the show and in life, Heidi Montag, wore her hair similarly during an appearance in New York on April 30...

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Who wins this celebrity hair affair: Heidi Montag or Lauren Conrad?


heidi is a much better person than lauren (lauren is a scheming witch) but i have to say laurens hair looks better in this (im sorry heidi)


Lauren Conrad all the way hiedi looks like a wanna bee barbi


Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren!Lauren! so much better than heidi


Heidi does have a killer body, how ever Lauren is much hotter !


heidi looked good in the second season of the hills...now she just looks like CRAP!!! total crap


lauren of course, heidi looks like a tranny with tht bad dye job and she has on wayyy too much makeup


Lauren fo sho!


Lauren looks wayy better hands down. heidi looks like she has a fake tan and a bad dye job.


Lauren is alot prettier than Heidi and dresses better, too. Lauren is just really cute in my opinion and does not appear to act fake.


Its'z Gotta Be Lauren!
Heidi'sz Got Her Nose And Lips Dunn Lmao!
And The Tan Dusnt Suit Her Hair Colour..
Shes WELL Fake!!

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