Britney Spears' Pink Top: Love it or Shove it?

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Going on 10 years now, we've always thought Britney Spears was cute, but her fashion tastes, well, they've left something to be desired.

Take this pink top for example. Yes, it exemplifies the boobage. But it's also weird-looking and makes her appear pregnant. Not a fan.

Then again, this is Britney Spears. We should be lucky she's even got pants on.

Tell us what you think, though: Love it or shove it? Same with the sunglasses ... is there even a face under there? A little smaller would do.

Britney Spears: One of celebrity fashion's more, um, interesting icons.


I love her top. I love her. The reason, I know she has done some *um* corruptible things in her life, but that is what makes her real, and easy to relate to. Mind you, I have my children and no CPS in my life, but I know she has had it rough, and she is real, just like you or me.


she is great! she is beautiful in she still has great shape - even if she is a mother of two boys! I am sure she will even have the "old" body for soon. however, what about you!?
you who write this, go look yourself in a mirror!


i love it. it looks good on her


Forget about the sunglasses!!! What about her dramatically receding hairline?! If her forehead gets any bigger we can just start calling her Frankenstein.


Since when do women strive to push their boobs to the sides of their body like this horrible top does on her? Her tits look like half-filled water balloons!

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