Britney Spears, Larry Rudolph Rock the Cradle

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The contestants on Rock the Cradle received a pleasant surprise Thursday - their audience doubled when Britney Spears showed up to watch the season finale in person and support her former manager, Larry Rudolph.

Rudolph is the producer of Rock The Cradle, which pits aspiring pop stars, all of whom have rock and roll in their DNA, against one another in a competition. Sort of like American Idol, only not at all popular.

A Natural

Britney Spears spent the duration of the show seated backstage surrounded by security. After the show, Larry Rudolph told Us Weekly:

"She was here to support the show. I mentioned to her that I was going to my show. Britney said, ‘I want to come down.' She loved it. She really loved it. She didn't come here for publicity or anything like that. She came here because she wanted to see the show, which I appreciated."

Spears headed to the show after spending the day with her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston. It was the first visit since she, along with parents Lynne and Jamie Spears, appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday for a custody hearing, where she was granted extended visitation rights.


Wow, Lucy, I think that's "Proberly" the worst spelling I've ever seen in my life! I think my brain is bleeding from trying to process that literary atrocity!!!


britney may ove had a few bad times in the past, but noe she is getting her life back on track, and it id harder for ger with all the papers and magazines printing bad things obout here. How do you expect her to get better when ecer one is putting her down all the god damm time. I think that she is a a really desent person and people pick on her cause she is famous and cause they see her as an easy target. all these people what are printing bad things about her have proberly being bulled in school or some thing like that and they think that they can critersize ever one else life, but they are the ones which are sat at a stupid desk, working silly hours and are proberly getting paid minemum wage.... you keep the good work up brit.... love you xxxxxxxxx :) :) :)

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