American Idol Recap: Davids March Toward Destiny

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We've been blown away by Syesha Mercado over the last few weeks. Left for dead episodes ago, the singer should be proud of herself no matter how she finishes on American Idol.

After last night's performances, though, it would take a Michael Johns-like shocker to see her end the season better than third.

The two Davids - David Cook and David Archuleta - stood out on a night that featured a whopping three songs by each artist. Our favorite of the evening was Cook singing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

David Cook doesn't want to miss a thing. And we don't want to miss a single David Cook performance.

Do you agree that Cook was the best of the night? Or were you most impressed by Archuleta's rendition of "And So It Goes," one Paula Abdul deemed "a beautiful performance"?


David Cook definitely took away the night. He just has what it takes and more. As far as his looks......well, David A. is nice and cute but David C. is WOW, can't take my eyes off him. Love his hair, his face, his mouth (especially when he sings). I mean really, whats not to love about him, unless you are just plain jealous of him?


david archaletta rules baby!!! hes sweet, humble, adorable and talented...he has the voice of an angel and if he doesnt win i will cry and never watch idol again..


That was a terrible song by Cook. He is a one trick pony; takes a song and try to Rock it and then screams at the end. He cannot outshine others already in the mainstream.


David Cook should be the winner of American Idol. He is original and when he covers others's renditions, he gives them credit. David A. is good but sounds the same each week and is PREDICTABLE. Why don't they mention that each week??? I think Syesha is great too-You go-Broadway Girl.


Cook has a pleasant voice, but his appearance ...............he always looks as hough he needs a wqash and a hairdresser. Is this the sort of creature you want to be an American Idol.
I think NOT
The other David is a much better bet, More talant and a voice to match


I believe the the are all winners, but my pick of the night would be Syesha. I think she has come a long way. But good luck to them all.


I agree that his rendition of so it goes "a capella" was the best of the night... The only reason Simon like Cook's firt song was because he was the one that picked it...


For me, David Cook was DEFINITELY the best last night!


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