American Idol Finalists: Sing! Sing!

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Dude, you are so good tonight, you are exactly what this show is about: finding the best singer we can find and the best singer of season seven is right there!

To which American Idol finalist did Randy Jackson give these props last night?

The answer is David Archuleta, as the judges seemed to agree that he delivered a knockout blow to David Cook during the finals. Watch Archuleta's final performance of the night NOW and tell us if you agree this was the equivalent of a devastating upper cut.

Why the boxing terminology? Because Archuleta and Cook were introduced to the crowd last night as though they were actually squaring off inside a ring. Therefore, allow us to continue with that theme as we ask your thoughts on last night:

Did you prefer the crooner singing out of the blue corner...

... or the red corner?


David Cook is consistently the better performer and the one that I would look forward to seeing in concert. However, since AI is about the teen scene and who will be on the next Kid's Choice Awards, they'd better start prepping Archie for his spotlight.


Blue corner, definitely ;)


David Archuleta WIN!! WIN!! WIN!!


David Archuleta.. He just hits notes, it's because, he doesn't need to do "anything" to make him sound great..
Archuleta for sure..


Archuleta for sure!!


David Cook was better IMO. He took chances, did his own arrangements and showed true artistry while DA just "hit notes". Unfortunately, America always gets it wrong so DA will probably get the crown but Cook will have all the platinum albums on his wall and the respect of the music critics.


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