Women of Marilyn Manson Looking Surprisingly Similar

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Man, we were joking before about how it was just a matter of time before Evan Rachel Wood became morphed into Dita Von Teese by Marilyn Manson.

But if you peep the photos below, you'll see Manson's teenage actress girlfriend really is starting to look more and more like his estranged former wife!

Swine Flu Victim

It's a transformation as strange as it is inevitable.

Next thing you know, Marilyn will be pushing Evan Rachel Wood into girl-on-girl action and she'll be stripping for money in a giant martini glass. Or something.

Somehow Marilyn Manson has seen both Dita Von Teese nude and Evan Rachel Wood naked. We totally should have gone into the goth shock rock profession.


People quit pretending to be her...do people honestly believe that when a "celeb" replies on here its actually a celeb? Get real do u really think they have that much time on there hands? I think some hear whats going on but i wonder do they ever actually read upon thereselves and is that actually rachel or someone pretending hum i wonder lmao


Although evan looks quite a bit like dita i dont think that she is trying to look like her she is pretty and i think she has that style because she liked it and she also had to look like that for a role, as manson defended her for being acused of copying dita.


Dita looks way better, Rachel. Stop trying to be her! Nobody can replace Dita!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No other girl will be Rose. She my fav! Rose blows them both out the water. He doesnt love either of them he does it cause he can. :)


oh, so forgot of myself say afew important things as well. yes, i love being dressed up like dita because no one can ever be in manson's heart but dita von teese @ heather sweet! i'm just a replacement! i know how he miss u so much dita von teese so can you get back to manson cos he really miss you damn lots! and i can't bear living with such a doll dresser like him, can't stand the way he turn me into YOU, dita. i know, u r one of a kind, and can't be replaced!


no, i dont cook. you know i've don't so many research on manson before i got to know him. and i purposely sang out the lunchbox (i learned that in a pain ways), brought the heart shaped glasses thing (remember how dita brought absinthe to his house and what happened after that). and here i am, standing next to him, using his famous title for my career.

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