Thomas Sturges Identified as Miley Cyrus Snuggler

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Thank you, loyal readers of The Hollywood Gossip.

A few hours ago, we asked fans to help us ID the mystery man spotted cuddling with Miley Cyrus in so many recent photographs.

Teen Vogue Shoot

Based on reader responses and some serious searching of the Internet, this lucky fellow has been identified as Thomas Sturges.

We don't know much else about the young chap, except that he must have some major game to land a cutie such as Miley Cyrus. Do you think he's her boyfriend?

The celebrity gossip world is buzzing over rumors that Thomas Sturges has seen Miley Cyrus in more than just her bra. What do you think?


I hope thats not her bf, because he's not cute.. I think shes acting older than she is, because shes been hanging out with Mandy.. And it doesnt matter if your famous or not, when you are a role model to little kids, you dont take pictures with your shirt pulled down to show your bra.


she pretty cute n a bit of a slag bt hu cares evry1 has dere yuckla mom! LUVYAMILESY!!!


wow if thats her boyfriend it means i have a chance with her, i mean look at him, he looks like screech from saved by the bell


wow Thomas and Miley look so SWEET
she found a normal cool looking boy
she's LUCKY
leave her ALONE


Thomas goes 2 MB high school and he's 16
he's also super popular and has tons of friends
he 's on the HONER roll at school get's straite A's
is still a I heard


Thomas is AWESOME anyone who knows him thinks is great
BTW .....I think is super HOT and when Miley dumps him I hope i get a chance!!


ummm this kid goes to my school and he is a total doosh bag who is ugly and cannot get any girls. she can do so much better. its sad and nasty and she probably has had sex with him because he wouldnt date her if she wouldnt put out. the girl needs to put her shirt back on and get a descent and cuter guy.


dj draggyyyyyyyyy um she gave him head


Miley is a Great Role Model. She has just made some bad choices. NOBODY'S PERFECT.
I will support Miley through this.
Yes, its disappointing.
She is not a slut.



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