Thomas Sturges Identified as Miley Cyrus Snuggler

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Thank you, loyal readers of The Hollywood Gossip.

A few hours ago, we asked fans to help us ID the mystery man spotted cuddling with Miley Cyrus in so many recent photographs.

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Based on reader responses and some serious searching of the Internet, this lucky fellow has been identified as Thomas Sturges.

We don't know much else about the young chap, except that he must have some major game to land a cutie such as Miley Cyrus. Do you think he's her boyfriend?

The celebrity gossip world is buzzing over rumors that Thomas Sturges has seen Miley Cyrus in more than just her bra. What do you think?


hey miley Lindy is right go back 2 that girl u were 'cuz nobody wants 2 see a 15 year old girl taking pics like that and when she was talking about younger fans not liking u anymore she is right i'm 8 and i used 2 idolize u but now i don't know what 2 think except that u couldn't possibly b a christian if you r acting like this so STOP!


hey miley pay attention to what you are doing i mean i'm 12 years old and i am a christian and supposedly u r 2 but after these photos i'm not sure. I mean it's 1 thing 2 take funny pics with your friends but the pics u took weren't funny and expecialy when u stick your boyfriend in. miley i mean get real u r 15 years old u do not need 2 be doing this not only is it bad for your publisity it's bad 4 u. some of your fans r under the age of 7 and they do not need 2 see thier IDOL taking pics like this so miley cut the crap and stop doing what u r doing 'cuz trust me it is not a good path 2 choose. I used 2 b 1 of your biggest fans but now no way not until u go back 2 that sweet girl u used 2 be if there ever waz 1 cuz miley if u don't who knows u might end up like britney spears and just look at her now. p.s. IF U WERE REALLY A CHRISTIAN U WOULD KNOW 2 STOP!


miley kids are counting on you why are you being a lil brittany spears?


also, SHE ISN'T NAKED! she's not even half naked. you guys are all immature. i want to name all of you but that would be mean. GO MILEY you are awsome.


all of you people who are her age and say that you have never taken a picture like that and are mad that people say all of us do, you are lying. and if you aren't, you should go make some friends, have fun, and take stupid pictures. Miley is not a slut. get over it. if it's her boyfriend, great. and you don't know if he's ugly from a picture. leave him alone. he is about a year or two older than her so it's not like he's a creep. lets just all get a life and stop complaining that she isn't a rolemodel because, if you were being a role model to your little sister/daughter/etc. you wouldn't need Miley. therefor YOU should be the rolemodel. so let's all get a life and let her live hers. please respond to my comment =]


miley why would do this 2 your fans and friends and familey who really care about you you are turning into a vanessa hudgens and thats not good!! I cant believe you !you are no longer my #1 fan in america age 12


miley cyrus is a slut!!! shes been naked in front of her bf and shes only 15!! where did they go wrong.


i used to like miley cyrus but now shes kinda gross. she is a roll model for little kids and i dont think that she should be putting pictures of herself half naked all over the internet.


whateva, yall are crazy... even if miley has had sex with this guy its not like shes going around telling people to do it. she has a rite to keep stuff private, so dont jump to conclusions.
MILEYS THE $^*@ !!! love ya girl and, i hope if this thomas guys nice that it all works out


wow its not her fault shes acting like a 15 year old, i'm sure that when u guys were 15 you would just try to enjoy yourself, just because shes joking around a little doesn't mean she is a slut, take it easy on her, she under enough stress as it is, and needs to have some fun/ relax once in a while...
shes a great performer and she makes you laugh, i don't see how it is a problem that she cuddles with boys, relaxes, and jokes around a little (sounds like a normal teen to me), especially since shes so young and probably works a lot harder that any of you haters. just stop being jealous and hypocritical.

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