Thomas Sturges Identified as Miley Cyrus Snuggler

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Thank you, loyal readers of The Hollywood Gossip.

A few hours ago, we asked fans to help us ID the mystery man spotted cuddling with Miley Cyrus in so many recent photographs.

Teen Vogue Shoot

Based on reader responses and some serious searching of the Internet, this lucky fellow has been identified as Thomas Sturges.

We don't know much else about the young chap, except that he must have some major game to land a cutie such as Miley Cyrus. Do you think he's her boyfriend?

The celebrity gossip world is buzzing over rumors that Thomas Sturges has seen Miley Cyrus in more than just her bra. What do you think?


Up! ridiculous that this guy she aff. if you like doing what he's got a nose yuck horrible, a lot of girls that are worse than her, nowadays there is a lot like gem ma influences how friends of her children, not a celebrity can change the child but more education and but influences from friends etc ... wake my flower!


Up! cara ridiculo que ela esta aff.Bem se gosta fazer o que éca ele tem um nariz horrivel,a muitas garotas que são piores que ela,hoje em dia existe muita gem como ma influencia como amigos do seu filhos,não é uma celebridade pode mudar as criança mais sim a educação e as mas influencia dos amigos etc...acorde minha flor!


i think she was set up like ya as if she wud like ever with him ewww


how can u do somthing this kids look up to and this is wat they get 4 that u shoyld be better than that but i like some of ur songs but u sould be better that is all i have 2 say 2 u bye


where is this pic where she shows her bra, cuz the one above, you can't see her bra at all, so someone plz clarify


She says shes not gonna have sex but she could be naked and around him and still not have sex or mabey shes lying becuase of the whole disney deal,




kæerste = girlfriend


kids your parents do
worse things than miley sooo
leave her alonee !


i dont see anything wrong with her pictures.
her personal life is none of out bussines
and is not like she wanted to publish this pictures soo let her be people. get over it !

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