The Ray J Way: Pulling Hair, Banging Whitney Houston, Taunting Bobby Brown

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Don't cry for Ray J.

While his ex-girlfriend and sex tape costar Kim Kardashian has moved on with Reggie Bush, Brandy's little brother is doing alright for himself: he's having sex with Whitney Houston and taunting Bobby Brown about it.

Sad Ray J

In Ray J's album "All I Feel" (we'll give you a moment to digest the fact that Ray J has made an album), he sings the song "Boyfriend." In it, there are clear lyrics directed at Houston's ex-husband:

Is that your wife, is that your shorty, well I'm her boyfriend... I think the problem is you don't beat it right... Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes.

As you can see, Ray J makes up for a lack of a rhyme scheme with words of wisdom from which we all can learn.

Sorry, Megan Fox. I'll pull your hair next time.


Ray j. Has come along way from that tv show he had with sin-bad I hated ray j. Then and I hated his music. But seeing ray j. In action as of late first taken good care of kim k. (I saw the tape) and now whitney but the beautie is that he is talking smack to bobby brown & reggie bush I got nothing but love and respect for ray j. He does what I does he shows them a good time and exposes them for what they are keep doing your thing ray ray I aint hating I am participating..lmao I might coop your new albulm


Whatever, all because he made that song doesn't mean it's about Whitney, geez.

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