The Hollywood Gossip Hook-Up: Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta

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We don't know for sure if Miley Cyrus is dating Thomas Sturges, although recent pictures certainly suggest something is going on there.

We can say for certain, though, that David Archuleta does NOT have a girlfriend. His father confirmed as much in an interview this week.

Sex and the City Guest Star

Recent news items and photos of these two young singers got us to thinking: they should date!!!

Seriously, Cyrus could benefit from having an innocent, popular young man such as Archuleta on her arm; while David could wrap up the American Idol title if viewers spotted him holding hands with the most beloved teenager on the planet.

Think about it, guys. The only holdup to this coupling would be a lack of a catchy nickname. Archus? Mavid? We got nothing.

Should Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta become a couple? We can't imagine a cuter pairing.

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I don't mean to say this to offend Miley or her fans, but David is too sweet and does not need somebody like that around him. She is nothing but trouble and needs to figure some things out right now. She is sweet and pretty and would be a good partner for David, but only after she matures a little bit.


never in a million years should they ever hook up!!!


Nooooo, way u 2 r not a cute couple.M iley u should not hook up with David because David is sooo ugly.Miley please do not hook up with David please.


I don't think Miley is horrible, I hate the whole idea of Miley hating. And I think they would be a cute couple... how about Diley? Ha, but I know it will never happen, but you never know! And Miley isn't that bad actually, she's a pretty nice person, you just look at the inside of the box and not the outside... she should get positive remarks, not negative ones! You guys are being pretty mean to her, because she is just a person, just like you.
She is not going to become the next Britney Spears! That is impossible!


David doesn't even like Miley. go watch amber's video on youtube. David said 'She(Miley) sat by me. I didn't even do anything'


Well...My favorite actress and celeb crush!!
well I think they should date!!
They look so cute together!!
It does not bother me unless
they get married I will be mad
cuz he is too HOT!! ♥I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!!♥


Fact:They are.... not.... dating, it has been confirmed that they will do a duet together that is all.


no's just a gossip..david is more than that and miley will be the next britney david run..stay away from miley..david,you're such a nice,amazing person...


OMG no no no no no. David is way better and deserves better than her!


So miley im sure we all want to know, are u and david dating or not?