The Hollywood Gossip Hook-Up: Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta

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We don't know for sure if Miley Cyrus is dating Thomas Sturges, although recent pictures certainly suggest something is going on there.

We can say for certain, though, that David Archuleta does NOT have a girlfriend. His father confirmed as much in an interview this week.

Sex and the City Guest Star

Recent news items and photos of these two young singers got us to thinking: they should date!!!

Seriously, Cyrus could benefit from having an innocent, popular young man such as Archuleta on her arm; while David could wrap up the American Idol title if viewers spotted him holding hands with the most beloved teenager on the planet.

Think about it, guys. The only holdup to this coupling would be a lack of a catchy nickname. Archus? Mavid? We got nothing.

Should Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta become a couple? We can't imagine a cuter pairing.

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i think it is cute if david and miley are a couple


miley and david i think you guys should go out you guys are a cute couple


miley and david i think you guys should go out you guys are a cute couple


David doesn't need that THING. Miley is a Britney Spears while David is sweet and innocent. Why did she ever even THINK to do such a thing to David... Why do dudes ever even think of this?


hey it`s me hey guys please dont gang up on miely or david.they are regular people just like us they have feelings.dont say david is better or Miely is better both of them are awsome.if they were not neither one of them would be singers so think before you say or write somthing about them.................................................please.


Hi i will take yalls advice and start dating him.the truth is we are already dating.shh dont tell the press it will be all over the world somtimes i just want a secret life do you know how it is.i will be back tomorrow to see what you think leave a comment about that question and also anwser this one do you think David and i should date leave a comment about that too.see ya love your friend always, Miely.


well i think they look great together.they both sing they both are loving too.and hey some of those comments arekida meen you might want to light up on them or they might hurt their feelings.


well i think they should date they would look awsome together.they both sing they both are loving too.and some of


definitely not,,m not being mean, but David deserves the best. Miley is not at all of David's type. He is really talented, kind, and knowledgeable guy.Although he is 18, he seem to be mature and knows the life very well. I admire him for that. But Miley, her career won't last long. Shes really hyper in everything and acts like a old lady. She sucks.
Well, David deserves the best girl.


Well..... I think it's up to David, it's his choice, but really, I don't want to see David and Miley become a couple..... ^_^