The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 26

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Welcome, celeb gossip readers across the land, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our fun weekly tradition. Let's take a look at who won this week!

We thought a photo American Idol, featuring Mariah Carey and Ryan Seacrest, was guaranteed to generate some good captions. And it certainly did!

Shining Down

This week's winner is Sally. Congrats! The winning reply appears below the picture. Scroll down to see it and the full list of captions readers sent in.

Thanks for playing and good luck this week!

Ryan: E=mc2 is right, Ryan Seacrest is scoring tonight.
Mariah: If he comes anywhere near my body, I will hunt him down.

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Ryan: I am sooo taller than Mariah thanks to this faux-hawk...Thank you Sanjaya for opening my eyes to creative hairstyles!


DON'T 'Touch My Body'


Ryan: Mariah, you are the BEST, Madonna's got nothing on you! Mariah: Yes, I already knew that.....


Ryan- Please tell me you're a man....
Mariah- mmm...


Wow the rumors are gay


How Mariah uses her enlarged mammary glands to keep the nasty away.


I can feel this fool's lip gloss all on my frickin' cheek.


Ryan: E=mc2 is right, ryan seacrest is scoring tonight.
Mariah: if he comes anywhere near my body, i will hunt him down.


OMG I hope my boob pressing into his chest does not burst, eww does he have to kiss me, doesnt he know who I am


Ryan tried to steady himself as he felt a great pressure building up on his ribcage