The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 25

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Welcome, celebrity gossip and news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our fun weekly tradition. Let's take a look at this week's results!

This week's contest - using a shot from The Hills, featuring the lovely Whitney Port and a very excited Lauren Conrad - generated a lot of classic captions.


It's too bad we must choose only one winner, but that's the way it is, and Rebecca, you're it. Congrats! Scroll down below the photo for the winning entry!

The full list of submissions appears further down the page. They're quite funny. Thank you all for playing and best of luck in our next Caption Contest!

Lauren: OMG Brody broke up with his girlfriend and wants to go out with me for the 500th time!!!
Whitney: Oh, no. That means I have to hear all about Brody and Lauren's pathetic life 24/7 and act like I care. Why can't he just settle with me?


Lauren: This is why I wear huge sunglasses all of the time!
Whitney: its true!


Lauren: Their actually LETTING Heidi release a whole cd?! I could barely handle one song.


LC: She Wore Zebra Print?! Whitney: Hmm It will probably still sell more than my line.


With Lauren off promoting her fashion line producers force Whitney to go about filming with the new Lauren Blow Up Doll. Made specifically for the male closet Hills watcher...also available in Heidi version with extra lips and boob action!! We expect that one puts out easier too...hummm


(lauren)" What do you mean i look fat in this shirt"
(Whitney)" Oh i'll be up all night"


Lauren: WHAT? Heidiwood is selling wayyyy better than my line? Whitney: Duh. Who wouldn't want to look like a cheap hooker.


LC: Heidi's eating fries!?! Hah! They'll go straight to her arse....


Look Whitney, I can make that face too!!


unseen guy: yeah, i saw the pictures of audrina, i have already f****d her
lauren: omg no! shes a good girl!
whitney: nah, i wouldnt be surprised...


Lauren: OMFG I'm a controlling annoying scary clingy friend who tries to dictate people's lives!! Whitney: Totally.

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