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We love politics at The Hollywood Gossip, but we tend to keep our posts geared towards Ashley Dupre, or George W. Bush and the Easter Bunny.

In other words, we try to keep opinions to ourselves and focus on humor or scandal. Other celebrity gossip sites, however, can't help themselves.

A post on Perez Hilton today rips Democratic candidate Barack Obama over his connections to another controversial minister, Rev. James T. Meeks.

Perez details Rev. Meeks' inflammatory comments on gays and race, yet declines to mention that Obama has condemned homophobia on many occasions, and even met with gay leaders in New York in the last 48 hours. Disgraceful indeed.

It's a blatant and shameful attempt by Perez, a devout Hillary Clinton supporter, to slander Barack Obama, who he apparently thinks should be held accountable for the political views of every person he has ever associated with.

Noticeably absent from the article as well? Any connections Hillary might have to shady individuals. The former First Lady is a strong candidate for president, but there are more than a few skeletons (and ugly clothes) in that closet, no?

Perez Hilton needs to stick with what he's good at (or at least best known for), rather than subjecting us to his political opinions - and making cheap attacks.

You could least try to give a more balanced portrait, Perez. We don't judge you based on everything your BFF Spencer Pratt says or does. Think about it.

It's one thing to scribble lame comments on celebrity pics. It's another to back up your nonsensical, biased views. It's time for Perez to put up or shut up!

Enough is enough. The Hollywood Gossip hereby challenges Perez Hilton to a fair debate on the candidates... anytime, anywhere.

Can we taunt the blue-haired one enough to make him accept? With your help, readers, Yes We Can! Follow the link to his article HERE, leave a comment on Perez's site and tell him to respond to The Hollywood Gossip's challenge!

Let's see what this hack is made of.


Considering the fact that the media has, on a whole, not critiqued Obama the way it has Hillary, I can't quite get any righteous indignation together about his post. What he points out is legitimate - a candidate has multiple very close ties to people with controversial beliefs and repeatedly admits to taking advice from them. It follows that his beliefs would be influenced by these people. That being said, the fact that a man who draws cum and penises on photos of celebrities is being ascribed this much political influence is a little embarassing. Or hilarious.


Seriously, you know fat f**k cries while he jerks it


I L-O-V-E Perez. He's informed about these candidates. Why don't you call Hillary out on her "skeletons" if you want someone to do it? I hope his posts take votes away from Barack and get them added to Hillary's vote-bank.


It's rather amusing that a gossip sight would be so harsh to another blog..... Perez can say whatever the hell he damn feels, just as you can....its one of the few things still legitimate about the American consitution. You are ironically offended when Perez speaks his mind about who he supports, yet say nothing about the hundreds of celebrities showing one-sided support for a specific canidate. If you don't like Perezs blog then maybe you should spend more time researching celeb gossip and less time reading other peoples blogs......


Thank you for FINALLY calling out Perez! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of his constant Pro-Hillary agenda and Anti-everyone else. His biased opinions in the Presidential race are outrageous. I have to laugh at how he ALWAYS calls out Republicans, and yet when Eliot Spitzer was outed for banging a prostitute, he refused to mention that he's a Democrat. I for one cannot stand Hillary or her hideous pantsuits! She's going down and I can't wait to post it in EVERY single comment on his page when the time comes-ha!


you are just bitter his sight is worth MILLIONS and you guys are lucky to get 100 hits a day... perez has been very fair to both candidates DESPITE his own views... its not his fault barack obama is a less then reputable inexperienced candidate who came out of the woodwork and tricked uneducated people like yourself into blindly following him- but again that's not perez's problem

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