The Hills Recap: "When Spencer Finds Out ..."

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Two more episodes of The Hills last night, one birthday party (Lauren Conrad), one career girl on the rise (Whitney Port) and one epic family feud (Spencer Pratt and Stephanie Pratt) that continues to escalate. Let's recap all the action ...

It's Lauren Conrad's birthday and, to celebrate, she invites her friends out to a club (called S Bar) - including Spencer's sister, Stephanie.

In the meantime, Spencer moves some strange, ugly-ass piece of furniture out of Heidi's apartment and into the middle of Stephanie Pratt's living room.

Anyone have any clue what that thing even is? In any case, she's livid and he's being a brat. This seems like a very real scene of sibling bickering.

At S Bar, BFFs Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Lauren Bosworth (Lo) dance the night away to ring in Lauren's birthday party. Stephanie then shows up with a friend, Roxy, and Lo and Audrina are skeptics, thinkin' she's up to something.

Stephanie Pratt is now in the middle of the Lauren Conrad-Heidi Montag feud.

The next day, Lauren and Brody Jenner meet for lunch and he ex-boyfriend, too, says LC should not be trusting Stephanie Pratt as, like, her new BFF.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Brent Bolthouse owns S Bar. Put that together? For you Hills newbies, a co-worker of Heidi Montag's was working the door at LC's party and, well, the cat's out of the bag that Stephanie went to the shindig.

Spencer confronts her and drives her to tears. This exchange follows:

Stephanie Pratt: "You're making me cry right now."
Spencer Pratt: "You're making YOURSELF cry, thinking about what YOU did."

Amazing. Later, Heidi Montag also reams poor Steph out.

Follow the jump for our recap of Part II, "Just Be Careful..."

At People's Revolution, Whitney Port makes a good impression with her insane boss by coming up with some innovative ideas. She's awesome!

Lauren sulks at Teen Vogue without Whitney, who is off living the high fashion life. Whit and Lauren meet at the gym and LC is jealous.

Having patched things up a bit, Stephanie and Heidi have a girl's night out and run into Audrina Patridge, who's out with work friends.

Heidi approaches Audrina and asks her to be friends again. Drama!

Audrina looks uncomfortable, but ultimately, she's cool with Heidi. Stephanie reports back to Lauren Conrad, who is (shockingly) not pleased.

When Audrina gets home from work Lauren tells her to just be careful if she's really considering rekindling her friendship with Heidi.

Audrina says she has no intentions of being friends with Heidi. We will see about that. Heidi comes by and gets some of her stuff. LC? Mad.

Lauren meets Whitney at her office for lunch, and lo and behold, one of the managers says they could use LC's! help at Fashion Week - hooray!


Linda Garza...why are you even on this website/forum if you think that we are losers for chatting about a reality show? It doesn't make any sense to me. Plus your spelling was so bad that it hurt my eyes. Read a dictionary. Stop dissing people. We're not hurting anyone but your appaling spelling and grammar is!


OH MY GOD god only forgives people who are actually sorry! brrody and lauren should just get it together and admit their feelings for one another


i think that heidi now realized that she was wrong to put spencer before her friends. Hell she finally did what everyone wanted her to do (GET RID OF SPENCER) that was the first step in the right direction. I think they all need to set down a talk and stop acting like they are in high school. I'm not saying go all out and become bestfriends or even trust her yet. But they had a good friendship and they need to remeber the good times not just the bad. people make mistakes and learn from them. I think Heidi learned thats what is important. If lauren can forgive Brody and still be friends , she sould at lease think about giving heidi another chance. the most important lesson is PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES GOD FORGIVES WHY CAN'T SHE.


In response to Karen, I think it is because of Lauren's bad relationship with Jason that she didn't support Heidi and Audrina's relationships with Spencer and Justin Bobby. THey are both losers and Lauren recognized this and was only trying to save her friends from the same misery. True she could have done it in a better way instead of forcing them to choose the boyfriend or her but I think her intentions were good.


I agree with kate 100% everyone forgets how much of a backstabber heidi is.heidi acts like she doesn't know what she did to lauren whatever! Lauren is in the right heidi is wrong and audrina is wrong to be talking to her.


laurens a good girl and a good friend heidi move on get your new friend those girls see right through you !!!


Kate, couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks.


Well from reading what you girls wrote because they show there life on tv for intertainment cool. But no one really knows behind close doors, instead of putting your guys to cents worry about your own problems and how you live your lives I'm sure you guys have alot of things to solve before talikng about other people. Get a life.


Lauren did NOT support Heidi when it came to Spencer she made Heidi choose. Why does everyone keep forgetting that. She DID THE SAME thing to Audrina until Audrina put her in her place. Lauren is a loser when it comes to friends. She is a judgemental brat. Excellent business woman but a total brat. Jason did way more worse things to her then Spencer ever did and Heidi was there to catch her when it all cam crumbling apart. Lauren lack in personality, I wish they would bring Kristin Cavallari back she was so fun and upbeat, Lauren is a total downer!


Heidi has ruined her looks with all her reconstruction....I think she went home to colorado to recover from more surgery. I feel sorry for her in that she was a natural beauty before she had surgery and now she looks fake and less than real. So sad to me.

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