Stars of The Hills Always Stirring Up Trouble

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With the exceptions of Lauren "Lo" Bosworth and Whitney Port, the stars of The Hills have all been causing serious drama on the show this spring.

Lauren Conrad befriended Stephanie Pratt in class, then invited her to her birthday party, ticking off and Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Staples Center Action

Later, Audrina Patridge invited Heidi to her apartment after a run-in at Vice so she can pick up a few items she left behind when she lived with LC.

LC was not pleased, of course. Heidi and Spencer, meanwhile, have been feuding with each other in addition to their beef with Stephanie Pratt.

Tell us, which of the stars of The Hills is going too far?

Is it Lauren Conrad (hangin' with Steph, caring too much about everyone else's actions), Audrina Patridge (re-befriending Heidi), Stephanie Pratt (meddling, not being loyal to her brother), or Heidi Montag (crossing Lauren again)?

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Perfect work!


Lauren, Stephanie and Heidi r all becoming annoying. The only character who's not is Audrina & I hate that she is in the MIDDLE of the DRAMA!


OK , even though I love Lauren like shes an amazing girl , i think she may be going a little to far. I don't know how everyone else will react to this , but i think it's cool and all that Lauren is friends with Stephanie , she seems cool , but yet Lauren does need to watch out , because she is Spencers brother , never know whats going to happen there , but really I dont think Lauren should care as much that Audrina is becoming friends with Heidi again. Because really the whole reason that Lauren and Heidi drifted apart was because of Spencer , and shes friends with his sister , of all people. So really i dont think it's that big of a deal if Audrina is friends with Heidi , Lauren is kind of being a hypocrit!!


I guess if Audrina wants to be friends with Heidi, she can be...BUT, she went too far inviting her over. That's LC's place too!


I think Lauren should get over her self, and stop being such a selfsented brat!
Not everything in this world is about her


i think it's bad of Audrina to be friends with Heidi after everything she put Lauren through but Lauren shouldn't trust Stephanie Pratt (she's related to Spencer).


I think Stephanie is extremely fake and just trying to get more airtime on the show by being Laurens friend. First she was snapping on LC for her brother and now shes kissing her ass! Oh, and LC is wrong for expecting everyone to accept her choice of friends but getting angry whenever anyone steps out of her little circle of acceptable people!


Love lauren too bad she has such sucky backstabbing friends.




Heidi, needs to be taken off the show. she goes too far, did she not remember what she did to audrina back in the day? she claims she was friends first with audrina, BUT she also casted audrina out on season 2.
I think MTV should cut ties with heidi, shes just not interesting.