Raffaello Follieri: Arrested!

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Raffaello Follieri, who was possibly caught receiving a blow job from girlfriend Anne Hathaway a few months ago, was arrested today for allegedly bouncing a check.

As reported by TMZ, Follieri was popped for one misdemeanor count of issuing a check for $250,000 that sources say he wasn't even close to being able to cover.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Moreover, A DC court just ordered Follieri to pay almost the same amount to a PR firm that he still owes for work it did. Yeah. We don't think he can afford that.

Note to Anne Hathaway: your boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, needs an allowance.

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Anne is call girl so she wants only man to get enjoy & nothing. Well she knew very well about him,


American Greed on CNBC is covering this story on Follieri on March 3rd at 9p eastern with Anne Hathaway and Follieri


but all it means is, these hos just want a guy with money. lots of money


U think that Anne Hathaway didn't know about him and what he was doing? Come on, of course she knew! Give me a break. They lived together, they had a nice apartment in Manhattan and all that and u think she is innocent?!!? Come on! If my husband was doing bad things I'd damn know. If u know about a crime, you are as guilty as the one committing that crime
So moral of the story: the FBI should investigate her too for being an accomplice to this fraud.
And let's not forget that she is an actress, famous at least more famous than him she could have helped him easily....


this just shows how naive girls r... even celebs and models r easily tricked... if u just pretend ure rich u can get into thier pants easily


Humiliated Follieri dissolved into tears the night of June 23 while staying in a spare bed at his parents' place at Trump Tower - as his "baby," Hathaway, dumped him over the phone, Vanity Fair says. Follieri, dressed in his nightly pajama uniform of "dark blue or black Ralph Lauren polo shirt and white shorts," kept his good-luck charm nearby - "a large, green, plastic frog, about 9 inches high and wide" - as he took the distressing call. Hathaway, 25, tried to let him off gently. "You were the love of my life," she told him, according to the mag. "I'll always love you. You know that, baby." Six hours later, the feds busted in and hauled off the 29-year-old Follieri in handcuffs on charges of money laundering and wire fraud. It was later rumored that Hathaway had a hand in the bust, having allegedly lured Follieri back to his adopted home of New York from Italy to face the raps.


Per favore, non generalizziamo... non tutti gli italiani sono così. forse sono stati più stupidi gli americani a fidarsi di un giovincello di buona (?) famiglia... ma dove avevano il cervello? Aspettavano un ragazzino di 27 anni accompagnato lui e il padre da una serie di condanne e truffe perpetrate in italia? e i conti che lui e il padre hanno lasciato in sospeso??? sono della loro città e mi vergogno per loro. Nella mia famiglia abbiamo lavorato sempre duro, questi screditano la gente che lavora...


Seems like a typical Italian.


Have fun in jail aka Roper Room. Read the Bible while your there.
P.S. Take my EX with you, he belongs in the cell next to yours. After you find God and what life is really suppose to be .... a learning lesson and NOT stepping on others to get to the delusional golden rings ... enough said. Peace to your heart. You do have one you know. Look and you shall find.


What a surprise. I met him 7 years ago and he was such a super-nice guy...