Paris Hilton Finds Kim Kardashian Gross

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They've gone from best friends to dueling sex tape stars to mortal enemies.

Indeed, after Paris Hilton went on the Chet Buchanan & The Morning Zoo radio show this morning, it's apparent her friendship with Kim Kardashian is beyond repair.

Quite Alluring

When asked if she'd want Kim's caboose, Paris replied:

"I would not want that. That's gross. It's disgusting."

Do you agree with Paris Hilton? Is Kim Kardashian gross?


Kim is GORGEOUS and has a very nice rump like no other....seriously, ladies have to do lunges for a big ass! As for Paris she's the BLONDE VERSION OF (OLIVE OYL) Popeye's wife...hahaha. She has no ass! if she want's one she needs to eat more and do lunges!


I think Paris is just trying to attract people attention by various comments. Even so, I think Hilton should keep them seem and sound smart! -armine


YES, but so is paris!!!!!!!!


OMG,,look at kim's ass it's bigger than je lo's like i don't like Paris or don't care but she is write look at her fat ass ,,her under wear is going to rip loooooolz :p


I agree that Paris has no right to say that Kim is gross, Paris is beyond gross, and btw no one cares about her anymore, but I must say, kim should work out a little, she is fab, and that would make her even more so!


i lover kim k, paris looks like a used grey hound. anyone notice how her face is long and thing like a grey hound?

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