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In the world of celebrity birthdays, it doesn't get much hotter than Roselyn Sanchez.

The Without a Trace star turns 35 today and we think it's about time she got the attention her good looks and decent enough acting skills deserve. Megan Fox can't hog all the sexy headlines dammit!

Roselyn Sanchez Nude

So, with that in mind, we wish Sanchez and fiance Eric Winter nothing but the best. We'd also like to give men everywhere a present in honor of the actress: check out a Roselyn Sanchez nude photo now!

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In its preview of The Hills' spring season, the New York Times called Heidi Montag a modern-day "feminist hero" for standing up to Spencer Pratt.

But Montag, 21, isn't backing Hillary Clinton for president.

"I'm voting for John McCain," Heidi Montag explained to Us Weekly. "I'm a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience."

When Spencer Pratt warned her about making a public endorsement, Montag replied, "I don't think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for."

Well, there you have it folks.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may be dominating the news, but chalk up another quasi-celebrity endorsement for GOP nominee John McCain!

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It's hard for pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears to shock anyone these days.

After announcing her pregnancy in December, engagement news could be easy to overlook, but thanks to a recent outing in a T-shirt emblazoned with "The Rumors Are True" while sporting a shiny diamond ring on her left hand, Jamie Lynn has put many of the questions regarding her infamous relationship to rest.

Jamie Lynn Spears: Yup Magazine Cover

"Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge are officially engaged," a close friend of the teen couple confirmed to OK!, one of our fave celeb news magazines.

"They're committed to each other and anxious to be the best parents they can possibly be; the best husband and wife they can be to each other."

The pregnant 16-year-old and Casey Aldridge won't be trading Louisiana for Los Angeles after the baby is born, an inside source close to Jamie Lynn Spears says.

The magazine confirms that the couple will wed in the Spears' quiet hometown of Kentwood, La., too - the wedding will reportedly take place at Serenity, the estate of big sis Britney Spears, who will likely be a bridesmaid.

Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge won't be rushing to the altar in the typical sense, however. The magazine's source reports she'll wait to get back into shape:

"I expect she'll want to wait several months to get her figure back so she can wear a beautiful wedding gown and then have her dream wedding."

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Eli Manning has Abby McGrew.

Tom Brady has Gisele Bundchen.

Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson.

All of the stud NFL quarterbacks above are doing well for themselves in the gal department, but let's face it, a ball and chain is a ball and chain.

And Matt Leinart ain't havin' none of that, folks!

He's been linked to Britney Spears, Kristin Cavallari and Paris Hilton, and has a child with Brynn Cameron, but the former Heisman winner cannot be held down ... at least not when linebackers aren't involved. Check out Exhibit A below ...

Matt Leinart Partying

With four lovely ladies packed into his hot tub at the same time, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart appears to be a far better player off the field.

Hey, who wants to settle down and spend their weekends at Home Depot or sipping Merlot on the couch when you can bust out the beer bong and party like a rock star with Nick Lachey and a bunch of college girls! Right? Right.

See more photos of Matt and Nick doin' their thing at

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Here's your chance to become the next Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag or Spencer Pratt - if you're British, that is!

According to reports, MTV UK has begun casting its new version of The Hills that will air across the Atlantic later this year! OMG, bloody brilliant!

MTV UK is accepting applicants 18-21 years old who love being in front of the camera and are followers of fashion, art - and partying and clubbing.

That's pretty much everyone, at least the last part. Of course, wannabe reality TV stars should also have "striking looks" (shock) and an "aspirational lifestyle."

We're guessing that means you'll do anything to be famous, even leak your own topless photos (Audrina) or have 23 plastic surgeries (Heidi).

We'd be surprised if the British Hills found a star as beautiful as Lauren Conrad, or a supportive BFF / co-worker who's as delightful and sweet as Whitney Port.

You may never be cast on The Hills, but you can tell us this much, fans - which character on the hit series are you most like? Are you a career girl like Whitney? A fembot like Heidi? A serial dater like LC? Tell us!

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David Cook gave his millions of fans a scare last night.

As first reported by TMZ, Cook felt ill for most of yesterday and the condition worsened following his (outstanding) performance. The American Idol hopeful was examined by show doctors who determined his blood pressure was "far too high."

After the show, David Cook was taken to the hospital, but he wasn't rushed there by ambulance, as some celebrity gossip sites have reported.

It was a relatively calm experience, as the doctor gave Cook medication to bring his blood pressure down and sent David home.

An American Idol insider told TMZ that Cook has been stressed out due to his brother's recent cancer setback.

We'd like to wish the entire Cook family health and happiness.

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Here's a first: Kim Kardashian is actually hiding herself from an opportunity to be photographed.

We don't recall her doing that when Ray J had the camera, or when any celebrity gossip reporter wants to snap a shot of Kim and new boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Bikini Body Battle!

If Kardashian somehow began to shun the spotlight, we shudder to think how else the entertainment news world might reverse itself.

Will Perez Hilton stop slinging mud against Barack Obama?

Will Britney Spears wear underwear at all times?

Will Heather Mills stop digging for gold?

Will Matt Grant marry the woman he chooses on The Bachelor?

Please, Kim, stick out your ass for the next photographer and give us a big smile. Make everything normal again.

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Here's a celebrity fashion showdown where picking the winner may be a bigger challenge than getting one of the celebrities involved to eat dinner.

A fresh-faced Ashley Olsen sported a sleek Calvin Klein jumpsuit to some fashion designer's show back in 2006, while her twin, Mary-Kate Olsen, wore satin shorts this week to an after party for the new Kate Bosworth movie, 21.

Mugler Shot

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Always the pinnacle of celebrity fashion.

You tell us, which of the Olsen Twins wore the outfit better ... you can also select "neither" or "I prefer Olsen Twins nude" as options and we will accept them.

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It was Dolly Parton night on American Idol this week. But, let's face it, this meant little to anyone under the age of 30.

The contestants acted enamored by the country singer, but we've known Parton for years by the size of her breasts more than the reach of her songs. And our views didn't change much after a lackluster evening, highlighted by only three noteworthy performances. They were:

David Cook: While the finalist-in-waiting couldn't top last week's rendition of "Bille Jean," Simon Cowell made the salient point that Cook still entertained us singing about a sparrow (thanks to the song, "Little Sparrow"). Randy Jackson said:

"You made your own arrangement which was very cool, and once again another hot, consistent performance."

David Archuleta: This version of "Smokey Mountain Memories" was a typical David Archuleta performance: beautifully sung, emotional and, in our view, boring. We've lost interest in this contestant, though Simon said the song choice this week was "right on the money."

Michael Johns: The best of the night. Michael Johns went with "It's All Wrong, but It's All Right" (see, told you no one under 30 had heard of these songs) and was told by Paula Abdul: "I just want to say one thing ... You're a star, a rock star, a blues star ... and you look gorgeous." That's four things, Paula.

So, who is in danger of going home tonight? Despite less than ideal performances, Brooke White and Carly Smithson are safe.

It's gotta be time for Kristy Lee Cook to finally say goodbye, unless the consistently average auditions of Ramiele Malubay do her in.

What do you think?

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Game, set, match: Andy Roddick sure had plenty to celebrate Monday at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Fla. The tennis star defeated Czech opponent Ivo Minar while his new fiancée, Brooklyn Decker, cheered him on.

As you can see, Brooklyn Decker flashed her engagement ring! Hot!

The swimsuit model isn't Andy Roddick's first celebrity conquest. He used to date Mandy Moore, who moved on to... DJ AM. Way to take a step up there, Mandy.

By locking up Brooklyn Decker to a lifetime deal, Roddick just became our favorite A-Rodd. Sorry, Alex Rodriguez, but Cynthia Rodriguez just can't compare.

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