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u don't even need to ask that question of course it is. i just hope none off her young fans will see these photos anywhere on the internet.


one word: slut

that sums it all for her. i mean just look at her. its enough to make anyone puke!


I've got to be completely honest. I think all this hype over her in these pictures, assuming that is, in fact, even her, is the inappropriate thing.

Because of the fact of me being a huge Miley fan, I find it incredibly difficult to believe that these newest pictures are actually her as opposed to a look-alike. The previous pictures were found to be fake.

Either way, even if these are truly her, she's just being a 15-year-old girl. I'm 18, and I've got female friends as young as 14. This is how the act. It doesn't make them "skanky". It doesn't make them whores. It shows that they have a healthy explorative nature, and it shows that they aren't afraid of having fun, despite who gets pissed at them.

Anyways, everyone needs to get over it. Everyone is throwing it up in the air that "Miley's goign to be the next Britney," but all this negative attention over small things is the exact reason that Britney ended up how she did.


Yes, absolutely inappropriate. There are young girls who look up to her, what are they going to think when they see this? And, do yourselves a favor and do a little more research, there are also pictures of her in a bra lying on top of some guy.

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