Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Bra

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It's one of the most heated debates on The Hollywood Gossip:

Does Miley Cyrus pose for pictures that are too racy for a girl her age?

Very Dressed Up

In the past, we've posted shots of the Hannah Montana star in her underwear and in quasi girl-on-girl action. Now, here's the latest Miley Cyrus picture that may create controversy:

Miley Cyrus is green with envy, and a bra. Is this inappropriate for the young actress?


This is so stupid you are stupid to any one can tell that that is not her she doesnt have banges with her brown hair.and her face doesnt look like that...... WHAT NOW!!! BABM SUCKER MC


well i think its a little wrong but its not like little kids are going to be on the internet looking at this page........i think that girls younger than her r doing way worse stuff like posting naked pics of themselves just because shes a celeb doesnt mean she cant be like anyone else shes a good girl and sometimes they can have fun too its no big deal


I am 22 years old and i must say ive never tried to do the sexy picture thing. Especially being a teenager.I think she is a rolemodel to all these kida and she should start thinking before she does things like this.And that is definately her


To be honest with you its a very sad pic miley why.couldent you even wait to show color at least if you were older.My option to you is to keep it real all the time and dont forget the mic...


Yeah, because no one else has Hello Kitty sheets.


It is her. Some of the last photos were taken in her tour bus where you can tell absolutely it's her unless a look alike managed to sneak in her bus,lay on her bed(with it's hello kitty sheets that she showed to Oprah) and then snap a pic. Link to the youtube of her showing the sheets.


miley does not have short bangs and that lady is much older than miley


I think she is getting it from her friend Mandy! She is bad influence to me. I think she is losing her good reputation. But if that is how she wants to be then she can do it. I hope these aren't real!!!!


I'm 16 and I've never taken pictures like that, but there are a lot of girls older and younger who seem to enjoy taking those kinds of pictures trying to look sexy or whatever. I think it's kind of dangerous posting those kinds of pictures out here on the internet anyways. As far as I am concerned I don't think we should say Miley is slutty or whatever. She shouldn't have let these pictures come on the internet. It's not good for her image nor for her fans. And as some of you said there are a lot of young girls who look up for her and that's not much of a good example. She might be doing normal things for 15 year olds but she should be more careful about how she acts and such.


its different when your famous. you shouldnt be taking pics like that because its very innapropriate and its risky. shes gonna lose a lot of fans and shes gonna gain nothing. yah sure shes a 15 year old some 15 year olds do this but when your someone alot of girls look up to, then youn should never be doing this. i cant say miley cyrus is slutty becuz i have probably taking flirty cute pics tryna be all hott or w/e but she should not take them.. theres just no point i dont see what shes gaining from it


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