Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Bra

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It's one of the most heated debates on The Hollywood Gossip:

Does Miley Cyrus pose for pictures that are too racy for a girl her age?

Very Dressed Up

In the past, we've posted shots of the Hannah Montana star in her underwear and in quasi girl-on-girl action. Now, here's the latest Miley Cyrus picture that may create controversy:

Miley Cyrus is green with envy, and a bra. Is this inappropriate for the young actress?


isnt this the kinda thing on


honestly i dont think its inappropriate. everyone needs to give miley a freaking break. gosh she isnt doing anything wrong. she is being a teenager. thousands of teens do this stuff everyday it just isnt pointed out because theyre not famous. i support miley and i think she is great, so what they are photos get over it. some of the photos are probably photoshopped. its not that hard to photoshop a picture people. gosh leave her alone and move on to a subject that is actually bad.


why are people so obessed with stuff like this. Yes she has young fans who look up to her, but you think she wants this up here. Half of all the other pictures are fake, her look alike. Her look alike could just be taking these adn adding her face in, with the technology these days it isnt' a surprise.


oh my god, how perfetic all she has done is shown her bra big woop.


I just want to know where the Miley look-a-like got her green bra. It's VERY cute! And by the way, even though it's not Miley in the pics whoever said that that's how 15+ year old girls act was TOTALLY RIGHT. They do act that way. It's just how girls that age express themselves. It's real and it's just how they are at that age and sometimes even when they get older. For all the people that are shaming the look-a-like girl, perhaps they're just jelous because they don't have the guts to take pics like that. All women want to feel sexy. What's the harm in taking a few risque pics as long as you're not nude?! Anyways though, that's just my opinion. And I'm not saying that if I saw pics like that of my lil sister whom is turning 16 in just a few days that I wouldn't be mad. But I have to remember that I was once that age too. Nobody is a complete angel. ~* Jen *~


I like the bra it suits her.


well i think miley is goin through a ruff time with this too. so u dont have to say bad stuff about her.


Well, first off, those who are in denial that..that is not her..get over it..because that is her. When you looks up "Just Jard-miley bra pics" you see its clearly her..on her bed...with some other guy. I'm 13 years old..and a girl..and i have never once done anything like this..nor think i would. its nastey and wrong. and for her to do sick. My little nieces and nephew looks up to her, and thinks shes a god, what happens when they find this nonsense? I was in total shock when i saw these pictures, because it was not accepted. I understand Vanessa Hudgins, shes a total slut..but Miley? Come'on...the angel sent frm above? You've become one of the biggest disappointments..mainly to your fans. i undertsnad you want to feel "cute..or "sexy" but this is clearly not the right way...i know that i'm beautiful, and i dont need pictures with boys...or with my bra showing to prove it. =/


it is really her, but so who cares, you are all like she's got kits who look up to her, but then don't put it on her, all the people who looks at this and pays attention to it is to blame and the only reason is such a big deal "Is Miley" well get real, you should stop critisicing adn judging her and start being good role models yourselves, IT IS REALLY EASY TO SEE SOMEONE ELSES MISTAKES, BUT WHEN WE ARE THE ONES IN STICKY SITUATIONS THEN WE ALL PLAY VICTIM, which she doesn't that much or never at any time before when in this situation, oh and she's not lying across a boy on a BRA, she's got her shirt lift, and you can see her tummy and she is just a teenager she is gonna make lots more of mistakes, but with her head and a family like hers she's sure to stand up and achive a whole lot more


it doesnt even look like her that much :/ yeah people do this at their age, but seriously its pretty slutty even if its normal...


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