Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Bra

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It's one of the most heated debates on The Hollywood Gossip:

Does Miley Cyrus pose for pictures that are too racy for a girl her age?

Very Dressed Up

In the past, we've posted shots of the Hannah Montana star in her underwear and in quasi girl-on-girl action. Now, here's the latest Miley Cyrus picture that may create controversy:

Miley Cyrus is green with envy, and a bra. Is this inappropriate for the young actress?


She seriously needs to learn to keep herself covered, especially around cameras... that seems to be a problem for her.


I must agree when people say that she should be a little more careful because there are so many young girls who looks up to her, I do myself. But I also know that almost every teenage girl takes pictures of themselves like that. I've done that myself, but I guess that it doesn't matter that every other person does it because not every other person is a celebrity.
I think, yes, that Miley should be a little bit more careful with her pictures, but I'm pretty sure that she didn't mean to let it out on the internet. In the matter of fact that it might be somebody else, I think it's pretty unfair of that person to post pictures like that and say that it's Miley. That's my sight of the case.


miley your a very young teen, HELLO PEOPLE! havent any of you ever gone through peer pressure. i rate miley and its so obveous that vanity fair wanted to manipulate her and ofcourse shes getting money. i belive that there are haters out their dont jump to conclusion saying shes a slut or whore. shes a normal person and she does normal stuff but one advise miley you cant trust everyone. miley i pray for you almost every night that you dont get trapped or lost in this holly wood "mix up" as we jamaicans say. keep your head up high, fame life is not easy. and you will never be like britney spears. and i hope i meet you some day.


omg... i used to look up to her...:( this is really horrible!


I personally think that Miley's business is none of yours. She is always being refered to as a role model to a younger generation but what the heck she's a human too and she is allowed to have fun believe it or not.
I think its is quite sad that people comment on these pages and bash other people to make themselves feel better.
I agree with DemoXin, If we want to see another Britney Spears moment here then we can keep on bad mouthing her cos that it what is going to happen.


She needs to get a life ;
taking nudee pics just makes
her more sluttier not


I think the girl in this picture looks allot like Miley Cyrus, but it also looks ALLOT like Rachel Ray. Does anybody know if Rachel Ray has a daughter?


i think that miley is a slut because she is a 15 year old girl i am the same age as her and i don't do that she's a really bad role model for young kids.i hate to say this but i wish that she was fired. she doesn;t need to be on the show anymore because just think about it. little kids are probobly going to end up like her. she can't do this anymore i mean it. really think about it . THANKS


Wait. I forgot to say that that girl doesn't look very much like Miley Cyrus. Her cheeks, lips and hair are different. Speaking of which, her hair is ugly! It's all messed up like she's a drug addict or something. If she is an addict, so that's why she was reavealing her bra!


Good thing she was wearing a bra. It's okay to have cleavage; that's because of baby fat in the breasts. But it is unappropriate for her age to do something like that. I hope she doesn't go waaaayyy too far like Vanessa Hudgens.


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