Miley Cyrus: Nude in Vanity Fair?

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Will we be seeing Miley Cyrus nude in the new issue of Vanity Fair?

The following, screen capped photo of an Entertainment Tonight story certainly makes it seem that way, doesn't it? Granted, the trashy celebrity news program may be trolling for ratings, purposely misleading its viewers with an ad that appears to show the Hannah Montana star in the buff.

However, based on a handful of recent, controversial, racy Miley Cyrus photos, questions have been raised about the innocent image of the actress/singer. This picture won't help matters.

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Photo

UPDATE: We've included the actual photo of Miley Cyrus nude from Vanity Fair. What do you think?


miley was my rollmodel but whene my brother told me i didnt belive him couse he lise alout but the next day my bffl told me abouted i took down all the posters of her in my room now i onley have three pics on my wall but not of her.


I think that this is very sad. I am 20 and I have three younger sisters all under the age of 11 who are completely in-love with Hanna Montana. These girls look up to her and pretend to be her, I know that Miley is young but she needs to understand that what she does does not just effect her but all her fans as well, wether she likes it or not. I also loved Miley because she was so wholesome, it was so refreshing to have a young star that actually set good examples. I know that Miley will eventually want to extend past the "15 year old image" but I hope she keeps in mind that maintaining a respectable reputation is the most mature thing that she can do and that will truly cause fans to see her as a young adult rather than a little girl.


who gives a crap vanity fair are the pervs who made her do that


who cares if she is nude. you dont see anything. These images are all over the place with other celebrities, whats all the fuss about


i think that everyone needs to learn to shut up and mind their own lifes. cause there is nothing wrong with these pictures, or any other pictures that people are seeing of her around the internet. yes her back is showing , big deal. does it not show when your in a bikini ?
and so what , maybe shes nude under the sheet or whatever, but who carse, they were done in a very tasteful manner, and she said sorry. you people who carry this on, and dont like her because of it need to get a life.


david is weird!


i think the media making a big deal out of this is pathetic. it was just a photoshoot, also her parents were there. don't you think her parents would say somethingif they wanted her to be fully nude? no, because she wasnt. -.- and her apologizing; she shouldnt have to. it was for a magazine. i think everyone needs to leave her alone.


wow. honestly, i don't see what the big deal about all of this is. the pictures in vanity fair aren't that provacative and it's not like you can see anything. they were tastefully done, and not anything to make a big news story over. about her other pictures, she's just having fun. she's a teenage girl, it's what we do. taking silly pictures with your friends is nothing to be ashamed about, i'm sure all of you have them. in my opinion, her parents are doing a pretty good job and i don't think that they will be heading her down the spears and lohan road anytime soon. holly.


miley cyrus is a hoe and remmber last year the whole vannesa hudgens thing disney channel must be real disapointed at those girls and i used to big a huge fan until last year and she was so clean and then she started having the pregnanys rumers is she gonna be the next jamie lynn spears i hope not and these photoes was just after those green bra and makeing out photes from last week her family needs to clean her up and she needs to start getting back her clean image and who knows i might like her again


dude, she's not naked! it's not like it's porn either. it's tasteful. people need to chill out


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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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