Miley Cyrus: Nude in Vanity Fair?

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Will we be seeing Miley Cyrus nude in the new issue of Vanity Fair?

The following, screen capped photo of an Entertainment Tonight story certainly makes it seem that way, doesn't it? Granted, the trashy celebrity news program may be trolling for ratings, purposely misleading its viewers with an ad that appears to show the Hannah Montana star in the buff.

However, based on a handful of recent, controversial, racy Miley Cyrus photos, questions have been raised about the innocent image of the actress/singer. This picture won't help matters.

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Photo

UPDATE: We've included the actual photo of Miley Cyrus nude from Vanity Fair. What do you think?

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she is nice and if you miley cyrus shame on you


nastyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!get clothes on


RR wrote totally nonsense: >‘Tasteful' or not… Aren't 'suggestive' photos of
> underage children considered PEDOPHILIA? Do you really think that it is pedophilia if 'suggestive' photos are taken of a child that is 17 years and 364 days old but it is NOT pedophilia if child is already 18 years old - one day older? Pedophilia is NOT connected with children that are underage. It is connected with children that are at pre-puberty - under 12-13.


i cant see anything wrong with these pics. its not showin any thing dirty so y cant she do it


i really think that she is topless bekuz i ve seen other pics and u can tell she is a very dirty girl....i think she is not a good role model foer young girls like my little sister she should just go to a freakin strip club and be a whore there


miley you r hot and I would like to see you fully nude so if can, send me a pic at my email


i think that people making such a big deal of this is stupid because, it is her back! not her boobs or her private area. I am a 13 year old, and let me tell you, I show more when i swim and wear a bathing suit. AND I WEAR ONE PIECES! okay, i seriously think that these entertainment channels are freaking wrong, and that they are all about rumors and trying to raise drama, i am a thirteen year old and saying that!


i agree for those who think that this photoshoot is not pedophilia or perversion. First of all, she is not nude or naked in the pic. Secondly, the reason for the make up is because it is ART people, ART. Now, let me ask you, would you be disgusted for seeing 15 year olds in 2 pc bikinis in a magazine trying to be sexy? Is that a no? Then why the hell would you criticize her for this?


I do feel as though there is an over reaction from society regarding these pictures. I do not think they are provactative, but I am undecided to how I fully feel. I have a 9 year old daughter who is a big fan. I would never want to see her in pictures of this nature. Nor do I want my daughter to see these pictures, for Miley is a role model for her. Everyone just needs to remember her age, 2-3 years from now, nobody would be making a big deal. Shame on Vanity Fair, not Miley or her family.


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