Miley Cyrus Hangs Out with Mystery Man

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We don't mean to keep picking on Miley Cyrus, but the singer keeps releasing semi-racy photos of herself. In this Internet age, she really ought to know better. Just take down the MySpace page, Miley.

In the latest rounds of pictures, however, this celebrity is far from alone. She's spotted - looking rather cozy - with an unidentified boy her age. Might this be Miley's new boyfriend? Might he be getting his ass kicked by Nick Jonas in the near future?

Take a look at the possible couple together now... 

Miley Cyrus, Boyfriend?

Our staff is yet to put a name to this mystery man's face. If you know who he is, please write in and share the knowledge.

We wanna make sure he's good enough for Miley Cyrus.

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Like i am not agreeing everything she does is smart but she is a teenager ppl keep hurting her and stuff just leave her alone u need to get a life and but out of Mileys gosh u think humans would have common sense


ya julie i heard the same thing idk why ppl and kids luv her sooo much


i like dont understand why miley would even post those pictures i mean seriously!!!! she like signed a contract with disney!!!she should know that there is a cerain rep that she has to keep up. and that couldnt b her brother i mean that last pic is just wrong


omgod i heard that the gys is 18!!! miley is such a bad rolemodle


What a bit** and a slut she should go to rehab and jail and gory views... I hate that stupid ugly slut....


I personnally dont found those pictures choking , that ick is that she famous and plenty of little girls will be disgusted!
Disney is gonna fire her is she continues like that!
I dont understand why she puts these pictures on her myspace she knwos its gonna make caos!
Maybe she just wants a little of attention =)


i'll addmit that she iz a little nasty..but the truth is Nick Jonas doesnt want any of ya'll so ya'll just really need to stop arguing over him


mileys not doin any thing wrong shes w/ her friends and every one knows when ur w/ ur friends u do crazy weird things i should know i do it all the time


that kid goes to my school


Miley I can't believe you. Those are bad pictures. I am a christian and believe in the one true GOD. You should not take bad pictures. I will stop watching your show. Not kidding. Not your brother. Doesn't look anything like you.