Miley Cyrus Hangs Out with Mystery Man

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We don't mean to keep picking on Miley Cyrus, but the singer keeps releasing semi-racy photos of herself. In this Internet age, she really ought to know better. Just take down the MySpace page, Miley.

In the latest rounds of pictures, however, this celebrity is far from alone. She's spotted - looking rather cozy - with an unidentified boy her age. Might this be Miley's new boyfriend? Might he be getting his ass kicked by Nick Jonas in the near future?

Take a look at the possible couple together now... 

Miley Cyrus, Boyfriend?

Our staff is yet to put a name to this mystery man's face. If you know who he is, please write in and share the knowledge.

We wanna make sure he's good enough for Miley Cyrus.

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who are were is the miley we use to no your a teen and tattos and your sisster your a bad model to her.


dat nit ha brieha dat ha buzi if she wantz 2 do dat so y dnt yall idiotz get a life n stay out of ha miley rockz imean who doesnt date at ha age n put pixs on d internet i mean come on get aa clue


damn yall are so fucking stupid all up in mileys personal life. this is for people who dont have a life and i guess alot of u dnt if u are interested in hers oh and to the girls who call miley my bff a hoe u might wanna look in the mirror! or? ur jealous cuz she can get a hot looking guy and you cant .... this is my first and last comment unless u wanna talk shit to me go for it u wont win! laters haters DUCE... LOVE MANDY


ok thatS for sure NOT her brother she wouldnt be doing that and who cares wat shes doing like siriosly bak off thers no need in getting in her business who cares who that guy is if she likes him then leave it up to her just bak off her life! and leave her alone! MIley is a hella of a rockstar but shes also a teenager and thats wat most teenagers do THEY HAVE FUN!!!


hey miley, im your biggest fan is that seriously your boyfriend i that pict if it is well u chose an ugly 1 anyway hope u dont take tha bad p.s. when is your n ext concert i cant get tickets for the 1 thats coming up


why would that be her bro it has to be her boyfriend if not then that is disgusting lol


miley is bufting so shut up i would well fuck her = )


miley cyrus is a hoe even though she has on cloths she always take out picture like a porn star


leave miley alone if she wants a boy then she can hav 1 and as if nick jonas wud ever be ur boy freind and im talkin 2 u ruchii. all those who think mileys terrible shame on u its her life


she is not her brother !! he is a photo mountage because i know very good Miley ... Its a silly boy!! Miley its the best fuck the rest !!!! xo Miley Fan