Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Engaged?!?

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What entertainment news story could knock a semi nude Miley Cyrus photo and a possible Roger Clemens/Mindy McCready affair off the front page?

How about an engagement between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon!

Nick and Mariah

While merely a rumor at this point, the singer wore a giant, sparkling ring on her left hand during the afterparty for her new film, Tennessee, on Saturday night. Cannon remained close by her side.

The new couple held hands at the party, which followed the movie's premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Cannon's rep had no comment on the topic, but the man who once dated Kim Kardashian was asked what he liked about Carey and replied:


Awww, we're overcome with happiness, and nausea, for this couple already.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon deserve to be happy they reall demonstrate what true love is and what happiness is suppose to be like in a relationship I wish them all the best. Age is just a number it is based on the mutual love and respect you have for each other.


i love mariah carey n i wish the best to the both of them love u mimi n nick
(me rappen:)
"yall bitchez stand n hate watch nick n mariah move on to a betta place leaving haterz and bitches who wanna take they flicks out in the wind
cuhz none yall bitchez can take mariah's place"
im bored for real
but congrats mariah n nick


I think he is just using her, his career bombed he cant even come up with a good song, he is not a very good actor, the only thing he has is Wild n Out. I think he Kevin Fredrlined her.


I think Nick Cannon is so fine. & Mariah Carey is Gorgeous! So that basically sums it all up. I hope they are very happy. They both deserve it. couple of cuties tbh. =D


First of all everyone knows that nick and mariah have an age difference okay and the point is age has nothing to do with anything because me and my boyfriend are a difference of 7 years and we are both on a mature level that show that we can be determine for experince so therefore nick and mariah is most Deff made for one another if they are together.


I WISH THEM THE BEST!!!!.......people have a concern the fact Mariah Carey is older than Nick Cannon....because if it was about age, u wouldn't see some older man including celebs that act stupid, get arrested for drugs and drinking.....where is their sense of responsibility and maturity? Age doesn't determine maturity, but rather experience in life does!
If they really love each other, then they must preserve that....and be able to keep marriage life separated from media life-their careers.


I dont think Mariah is good enough for him not saying it like that but he has all the wrong things for him for example he is toooooooo young for her, THey are bith cute but to me and from what i know they should not mess with each other at all. Nicjk is more of the young hip type and mariah is like the old and fasiony type. Them two personalities are so different and not right for them. And Pluss she suposec to like sombody else to so they gone be gettin played!!!!!!!!!!! But I like Both of yall Dont be Affended........:)


Heyyyyyy wait a minute! I thought one of the guys that Mariah had dated in the past stated she don't wash the beaver and it has that young funk smell???