Madonna, Mandy Jiroux and Miley Cyrus Only Have 4 Minutes

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Madonna's latest single, "4 Minutes," is climbing up the charts. What else would you expect from a song that features the Material Girl, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake?

But while we enjoy the official video for the tune, we can't help but be equally entertained by Mandy Jiroux and Miley Cyrus. Their latest edition of The Miley and Mandy Show is a shout out to Madonna and JT's new single.

At the Oscars

Let's compare videos now. First, Madonna:


Now, compare that with Miley and Mandy getting down to the same tune:


Which version do you prefer?

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I like both of the video...but the most is Madonna..Miley should do her song and her video...but not other artist song..madonna has a nice voice and I really like her very much.that was a wonderful video that i never see..MADONNA ROCKS....


for me,i prefer miley and mandy show,coz i luv miley cyrus and the video rocks...i lyk their steps and they're stunning and awesome...luv them so much...


I liked the Miley and Mandy one. I laughed so much I think I hurt myself...Did they do all of that for just their youtube show?


I prefer MIley & Mandy's Version! IT's COOL and LOTS OF FUN TO WATCH. What i like is that it makes you want to get off of your seat and dance to the beat. Oh i Also like it b/c Channing Tatum is there! HE IS HOT!!!!!!


I prefer the Miley and Mandy version. It's funnier and at least they made their own dance. Most especially with the Step Up 2 crew! I don't know how or why this is a big deal. Everyone can make up their own dance to music. It's not like you can just listen and not shake your booty to it. You can at least nod your head to the music.


miley and many it was just soooo goood they r amazing dancers!! i didn't think they had it in them!


Madonna. Cant stand miley cyrus. SHe needs to do her own music video


its a great song but miley did the video justice it was awsome and soooo fun to watch! and channing tatum isss soooo HOT!


Miley and Mandy are AWSOME!


Miley and Mandys is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!
and Channing tatum is in it they are reallllllyyyy good dancers!!!