Lindsay Lohan is Blonde, Angry

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A newly blonde Lindsay Lohan is far from happy in this photo.

The look on the promiscuous star's face got us to wondering what could make her so upset. A few possibilities:

Return of the Firecrotch!
  • Jealously over how much hate mail her mother, Dina Lohan, has received compared to her;
  • Anger over how long the results for her latest round of STD tests is taking;
  • A traffic accident with Britney Spears;
  • The abysmal box office results of her movies;
  • Her failing, embarrassing, soon-to-be-finished-because-she's-a-drunk-train-wreck-who-can't-sing-or-act career.

Take a look at the photo now and let us know: why is Lindsay Lohan so angry?


This train wreck is not long for this world. There is no better example of the dangers of alcoholism and hard drug use. This person had the world in her lap, she had some talents, and she should be a most successful and happy person. Instead, she has been destroyed by the effects of overindulgence. Further, now the addiction has got her so strongly, she denies dependence, she attacks those who love(d) her, a sure sign of the imbalance the stuff causes people...and is always angry, or at least a short comment away from losing it. Do not believe this cannot happen to you, because it hits the weakest and strongest of people without discrimination - I know as I watched my wife suffer and finally
pass on as a direct result of dependence.


She's mad because her SUV said it hates her new hair color...


the one comment is right...send her a before and after picture of her to her. before and after alcohol and drugs. another 5 years and she will look 20 years older.


She need to get a mirror and remember who she use to be a wonderful person to look up too and put away the drugs and boose and get her life back on track before she just be a memory


she's angry coz she doesnt enjoy her life.


because the paparrazzis wont stop bothering her


She's aaaaangry because we looked at her boyfriend Sam.


Damn, I love her purse! :)


Her snizz is suing her because it hasn't been seen in public for over 6 months....


she just realized her keys are still in the car


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