Lauren Conrad Reflects on Haircut

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Sen. Barack Obama says it's time for a change.

Lauren Conrad agreed - she cut off her long hair!

LC in Blue

"Bets were going on how long I would be able to go with short hair!" she said.

Whoever took the under on that bet probably won - she showed up at a party Wednesday night in L.A. with long, blonde hair extensions!

"I had separation anxiety �" I missed my hair!" The Hills star admitted to Us Weekly. "I don't feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It's so feminine."

Beautiful Lauren Conrad hairstyles present and past.

Lauren Conrad has also changed her mind on fashion this season. She used to favor 1920s-style dresses "that just kinda hang on your body."

Nowadays she's into full skirts!

"It's all about the waist for me. They really emphasize the waist and flatter so many body shapes," says LC. "Very beautiful. They look great on everyone. Prada is doing a bunch of them �" it's almost like a 1950s silhouette."

The Hills star / designer �" who debuted her collection during L.A. Fashion Week in March �" is already at work on holiday, resort and spring lines.

"It's crazy," she said, "I'm already working on another one!"


Hey, "LC" looks like Kate ( the Royal one ) right ?


lauren looks better w/ the short hair
i mean the long hair is cute but the short hair
fits her best! =] xoxo


I personally think that Lauren and Heidi miss each other like crazy but are to scared/afraid to admit it, I just don't think it would be a very wise thing to be friends again. And Audrina should just give Lo a chance, you never know, they could become great friends! Oh and Heidi REALLY needs to leave Spencer! Ugh, I can't believe he did that to Holly! Uhmm Stephanie needs to stop giving all these "sob" stories fer sher!!! It's getting annoying and she needs to just be a TRUE friend to Lauren! Because Lauren deseves that! Also I liked Lauren with the short hair, but the long hair is very cute too! I got my hair just like hers, except mine is the short hair, but same color/style.... yeah just thought I'd say... =]
*peace out girl scouts!*
much love,


i totally agree with lauryn and claudia. i hope she takes the extensions off, she looks a lot better with short hair


i personally think short looks way hotter and is in style now long is getting kinda old and boring you need something more modern and with more spice . the only way to do long is with alot of layers and bangss .


I think Lauren has come along way. I remember her from Laguna Beach and now the Hills. I really think Audrina should re-think her friendship with Hiedi, because Hiedi wants to get close to Lauren and possibly hurt her in some way by havig a friendship with Audrina. I don;t like the way Audrina acted with Justin Bobby when Lauren and Lo said something about who was invited to the house party. I think Audrina needs to tell Lauren if she has a problem and not run to Justin Bobby. I'm glad the girls' are living all together.


Just goes to show, longer hair isn't always better! Personally, I thought the shorter hair was MUCH more flattering with her face.


I like her better with long hair but the short was a nice change for awhile.


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I don’t feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It’s so feminine.

Lauren Conrad