Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port to Become Roommates

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The Hills gossip of the day comes courtesy of Radar magazine: Lauren Conrad and her BFF / co-worker Whitney Port are apparently moving in together!

Whitney and Lauren, of course, are total besties 4-ever, because they used to work at Teen Vogue and then traveled to Paris (as we saw on The Hills) and now they do fashion-y stuff at People's Revolution for PR guru Kelly Cutrone together.

So why is this a big deal? A couple of points:

  • We love LC to pieces, but she can be a little much as a roommate sometimes. It's just a fact, some people shouldn't live together no matter how close they are. Frenemy Heidi Montag and even current pal Audrina Patridge have had some issues as roommates. Will the fair Whitney fare any better?

  • While the two are supposedly great friends, some believe Whitney Port has long been Lauren Conrad's chief underminer, subtly making Lauren feel like she's not really good enough. Whether Whitney's supposed undermining of LC will intensify if the two share living arrangements remains to be seen.
  • Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad both launched their own fashion labels. Lauren's has been lauded as a success, but poor Whitney is struggling to get stores to stock her label. Awkward! Will the two begrudgingly wear each others' clothes? Will their divergent successes lead to roommate frisson?

ohh yaaahh and one more thangg,, if ya'll think that like Lo and LC are friends..THEY ARE NOT. i dont even like LO. shes so mean too everyone and she thinks shes so cool and like noone likes her.
so like whatever. becuz i know my gossip when it comes to gossip =] thanks hun. peaceee.


ummm hello?? EVERYONE knows that audrina and LC like tottally hate eachother..DUHHH! like get like your facts straight. thanks =] goodbye.


Whitney is sooo Pretty, beautiful girl.


I love LC, Whitney and Lo. Everybody needs to get off the show and new characters need to be casted.


Yeeeshh dey shud be roommates 4 sure..
& plus... i dun understand y whitneys getting hard time stocking her lables ..
i wud love to buy her clothes !! newaiz overall... LAUREN&WHITNEY SHUD BE ROOMATES! <3


Um, you know the whole thing is fake? they don't even actually live in the places they show on TV. Lauren admitted that in an interview a few months ago!


Emma, I think Whit must be moving into the house. She does have one other bedroom in the house, but it's small. That's why Audrina opted to stay in the guest house.




Actually, I think Lauren & Whit would be great roomies. In my opinion, Audrina is classless and Lauren shouldn't even be friends with her. First she did the nude photos, dated thaat LOSER Justin Bobby, and then befriends Heidi and let's her come over to the apartment she shares with Lauren? NOT COOL.
Whitney, on the other hand, is classy and fun, just like Lo- I think they will all get along great!

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