Kristy Lee Cook Sent Home on American Idol

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A series of mediocre performances finally caught up to Kristy Lee Cook last night, as the pretty American Idol contestant with a disdain for Simon Cowell was voted off the show.

Cowell was a constant thorn in Cook's side, telling her on Tuesday night "you didn't give me chills," but "you managed with what you could."

Viewers agreed with the judge, as they included Kristy Lee in the bottom three last night, along with Syesha Mercado and Brooke White. When she heard the news, Cook cried bit, only for the equine enthusiast to buck up, thank America for voting and ask:"Can I go ride my horse now?"

Yes, Kristy Lee. Go ride away the pain.

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HEY all you Kristi lovers
You can buy her CD "Devoted" on line
also Brooke White has one out too !!
NOW Michael Johns needs to put his out
can't wait to have one from each of these idols!!!!!


david A sounds the same on all his songs
and lORD who smiles that much NO ONE
he is so immature and i agree with the person that said if he made it he would be a drugged up and used up by age 24


well with Kristi, Michael Johns, and Brooke White
gone American Idol was NOT much worth watching
the 4 left just need to pack their bags and go home .............the best are already gone


First of all, Kristy Lee according to the dialidol results was the best amongst the remaining girls.More and more the evidence is showing that this so called voting system that american Idol uses is FIXED.they can easily rigg the phone line of your choice that always has a busy signal for the one they want off the show.Kristy Lee Cook will probably have the best career of any of these left in the so called competition. GO KRISTY LEE !!


kristy is very talented gal.


mischelova is continuing to show her preference. Well i for one disagree and think you need to be fair. Since when did you become a judge. Its obvious who the producers want to win and you are on the bandwagon. The voters of America will continue to show their support and buy albums of their favorite idols. Anyone can vote a thousand times. Hold your head high Kristy and live your dream.


Kristi is a star. She did not deserve to go. She was the best by far of any of the girls this week.
she has improved week after week.She is a trooper singing when she was so sick. America and the judges were hard on her. Why? Did she threaten the predicted outcome of the show, who the judges want to win. Never give up on your dreams. I look forward to your first new country album. You are a winner Kristy.


actually she was very good and there were some other people who should have been kicked off .. I actually think she was one of the best girls out there tuesday night... oh well thats life


Let's face Kristy Lee has been trading on her looks for a long time. Her talent is a distant second. Voting was past her 12 yr. old boy fan base's bedtime, so she is out.


I actually felt a little bad for her. But then I realized that Michael John left WAY before his time and I quickly got over it. I still really like Brooke White, I hope she can pull it together next week!

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