Kristy Lee Cook: Engaged to Andrew Dobner

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We all know Kristy Lee Cook can't sing too well... but we just learned she's singing the praises of Andrew Dobner.

Indeed, the recently eliminated American Idol contestant is engaged to Dobner, who proposed on March 17. The couple had kept the news "on the down-low" because "I just wanted to be focused on Idol," Cook said.

Kristy Lee Cook is engaged to Andrew Dobner.

Cook said they're planning to tie the knot "next June sometime" and we couldn't be happier for Kristy Lee. Lord knows she needs love in her life after the beating she's received at the hands of Simon Cowell over the last few weeks.

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Who made you the expert on who can or cannot sing. You should be unbiased. Some of us think she has an awesome and unique voice. Good luck Kristy and I can't wait to buy your first new country album.


Yes,we all know that Kristy Lee Cook could NOT sing that well...but why did she stay on so long...we all know that answer...same thing that happened to Sanjaya Malakara(expect she had much better vocals)...oh well... I wish her the best with her new man...although this is a huge dissapointment for young boys of America, I know that we all wish Kristy the best of luck in her future caree and life...