Justin-Bobby Brescia: The Hills' Model Citizen

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Remember Justin-Bobby, the brooding dirtbag who made a run at Spencer Pratt's title of most hated villain on The Hills last year? Two pieces of news:

  • He returns to The Hills next week.
  • He is apparently a fashion model now.

Yes, according to E! Online, Justin-Bobby (real name Justin Brescia) has been up to more than mumbling incoherently, not showering, riding his motorcycle and breaking Audrina Patridge's poor heart. He's been modeling.

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

The shaggy-haired reality TV star recently re-surfaced in a modeling book for Orthodox, a menswear label represented by People's Revolution. Check it out...

You can't quite absorb his full dirtbag aura from these Justin-Bobby modeling photos alone, but we sense Mr. Brescia will remind us of that soon enough.

People's Revolution, ironically, is the same PR agency Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are currently working for. An E! insider swears it's a coincidence:

"The designer just so happens to be friends with Justin," the source says. "There is no People's Revolution connection or to The Hills."

As for whether Justin-Bobby Brescia is still seeing Audrina Patridge nude? That we will have to wait for next week's episode to figure out. Unlike Lauren, Heidi and even Whitney, Justin-Bobby has remained out of the public eye for months.


he is sexy !!!!!


Dude, Justin does coke. I dont get why no one understands why he disappears for days at a time. Its called binging. Justin your a fn loser and you know it. Let me know when you need to pickup again you lame o. By the way, Audrina is way hotter than Kristin and I know what Kristin does too. Also to all the gossip collumns out there, let me know if you want the real scoop. I take cash payments haha, literally!




when is Justin Bobby's Birthday


He has remained out of the public eye...but what has he been doing??????!!!! well, i pressume we will find out very soon....
on hollywoodtuna.com there were photos posted of him and a few girls- girls that don't just look like friends, if you know what i mean??! What does Audrina have to say about this??


What?! You have to be kidding. Of course, there is something behind this Justin Bobby dude and People's Revolution.. I'm sure there will be a show about LC and this jerk "running into each other and yada yada yada.."
Why is he still around?

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