Joe Jonas Defends Racy Miley Cyrus Photos

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For the past few weeks, we've been asking readers to chime in with their opinion on whether or not a series of Miley Cyrus photos are too racy for a 15-year old.

Now, Joe Jonas has responded with his take on his pal's poses.

Miley at a Premiere

"We're good friends of hers, and we got her back and we love her to death," the younger singer said, offering Miley the following advice:

"I think it's just the way you come out of it. As much as they say, no one's perfect and everybody makes their mistakes. I think it's the way you handle it and come out of it the proper and respectful way."

Leave Miley Cyrus alone, Joe Jonas says, at least when it comes to slamming her for showing fans a glimpse of her bra.

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dani- ok i love joe jonas to death but i know that someone that is very close to slutty- i mean miley (her dad) asked him to say these things about her only because his career is not tainted like mileys is!! DOWN WITH MILEY!!! DOWN WITH MILEY!!! Jenny- she's a whore, she doesn't need to be doing that when SO MANY poor, innocent little girls look up to her. they should fire her sorry a**.
she's just teaching all her little fans to become little prostitutes. i hope she becomes another jamie spears!!!


oh sorry it's me again,i meant someone perfect!!!! luv you!


Joe,i feel like crying cus i feel like i am going agaist you.i am so afraid that you will hate me now.Why are taking up for her?is it cus she was dating nick.When some people see this it could seem like you are in love with her more than Chelsey.i meen ,uhh!I am really sorry ,i feel so bad typing this....i have never been a fan cus i knew she would turn out like britney,linsey,and vanessa.She fools people will her sweet little voice and all that gunk on her face.,but i guess your right.....all of that money she makes cant buy
a good person.i'm really sorry,but am still your # 1 fan cus i know your a good person...not miley i know that you really liked her and you dont want to believe that she did it for attention.sorry............oh do you know a girl named shana?oh i almost forgot tell her to get some singing lessons with that money.if miley sees sees this.....well hooray for her!luv you!


I think that miley souldnt do poses like that!Im one of her fans but she has gone to o far with the poses.Im around her age and i would never do that!But she still sings great and i love her outfits except the slutty ones!


Good job you just defended the ugliest slut ever.
Miley Cyrus is a annoying, stupid, retarded slut who sounds like she is suffocating when she sings and no matter how many times people defend her she will remain just that.
Why would anyone be jealous of that?
Exactly no one would.


Leave Miley alone! She is so friggen awesome. and she's just a teen i mean all teens do something like that. leave her alone shes awesome


Way to go Joe. You should have stould up for Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel sorry for miley and stuff, it was really nice of the Jonas guy (or guys) to defend her and comfort her. I wish I had friends like you three!


OMG.....I love you guys lol love you forever.My friend and i are going to your concert on August 1st.LOVE YOU WAY TO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!