Jessica Gibson Accuses Rob Lowe of Sexual Battery

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Former Rob Lowe nanny Jessica Gibson appeared on the Today show this morning. Through her fame-whore lawyer, Gloria Allred, Gibson accused the actor of sexual battery, along with a number of other acts.

Gibson said she never blackmailed Lowe to the tune of $1.5 million (as he claims) and never called the police to report the alleged battery during her seven-year stint with the Lowes because she "loved the children, and I needed the job."

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According to Jessica Gibson's lawsuit, Rob Lowe repeatedly exposed himself and inappropriately touched himself and his former nanny.

The documents go on to say Lowe "placed his hand inside Gibson's pants."

How will this case play out? It's hard to say, states Patrick Fraioli, an L.A. employment attorney, given the nature of the charges.

"This is a classic he said/she said dispute," said Fraioli.

"If Rob Lowe is without fault, he's got reason to fight to the bitter end â€" but in a trial, both sides will likely be dragged through the mud."

Rob Lowe is smiling now. But Jessica Gibson's accusations are no laughing matter.


Nanny rejects Rob Lowe's flaccid penis. The nanny alleges that Lowe repeatedly exposed his erect penis and groped her between the legs. Rob Lowe's actions of complete disregard for women and daughters of other mothers and fathers are distinctively evidence based, and therefore the nanny deserves the benefit of the doubt. Far from setting a example of an required standard of behavior expected from a A-List celebrity (now a has been) he exploited his position of power in a reprehensible manner. Rob Lowe reflects the values of the lewd Hollywood celebrity culture.
What is Rob Lowe's destiny? A flaccid penis with a scrotal hydrocele
complicated by an inflamed prolapsed rectum. I look forward to reading his future memoirs.


Please tell me did Jessica Gibson marry and has she changed her last name? Where did Jessica and Jamie Gibson grow up?

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